Monday, June 2, 2014

Exciting life changes, events and happenings and a few near misses

Oh Holy Spirit, by Your power, Christ was raised from the dead to save us all. By Your grace, miracles are performed in Jesus’ name. By Your love, we are protected from evil. And so, we ask with humility and a beggar’s heart for Your gift of Patience within us.
From Day 4 of the novena to the Holy Spirit for Pentecost. I need these gifts especially this week, this month of transition.
We sold our house, it past inspection and should be ready for closing. We are excited. We hoped for this moment, but the house on the other end isn't ready and may not ever be. So we are facing a door we have to cross through with no idea what and where is on the other side. Scary, nerve racking and very exciting. We just interrupted our lives and introduced an adventure to our family. Here we go kids, don't ask where, pray we follow God's Will for each of us.

We have been a little too busy to worry too much. My sister recently said I looked too calm, but my head is racing faster than I could vocalize.  The month of May was busy and very fun and fulfilling. Besides birthdays and other celebrations, we ended the month with our annual river trip with our friends. So needed.
My blog is my journal to organize my thought and memories, so I'm going backwards of recent events and happenings.
Last night almost changed our lives forever. Lilly was a step or two away from being hit by a speeding pick up truck. I can't even fulling wrap my head around it because I didn't see it coming and the danger had passed before I could have reacted.

We drove down to Max's new apartment to bring some furniture and see it for the first time. It is very cool. I can't find the find accurate adjective, fabulous, hipster, bohemian, historic, cool...It's in the heart of the historical district, probably a hundred and twenty years old. Brick walls, dark wood floors, high ceilings, incredible windows overlooking the busy streets, with enough modern additions for college kids. 

Max's friends came over to help us bring up furniture and we visited for a few hours. It was more a of Lilly's Entertainment Hour as she was alive with humor and wit, energy and sass. She was best friends with them immediately as she knows no stranger or casual acquaintance. She performed acrobatics, had them join in for hide and seek, renamed a happy meal doll "Katie" in honor of her new best friend. Katie told her,"You're crazy. " Lilly: "Thank you!" 

Once realizing how late it was and how far we needed to travel home, we started down to the old courtyard and Lilly paused long enough to put her shoes on, we turned toward the alley entrance. The doors were left open from when we brought in furniture, and Lilly bounded off toward the doors with Katie. She stopped briefly  just at the top of two steps that let to alley street and a red flash ripped past by the door opening, blowing in a breeze and engine blare thankfully just out of reach of my sweet four year old girl who random strangers address as princess. 

The angels interceded and made her pause. Thanks be to God, I had my Lilly next to me on the long drive home to love on and talk to and be thankful for this blessing and to kiss this morning.
I'm doubling my prayers for this family, this sweet mama and dad who lost their son
Message left on Max's bedroom wall. I regret not closing that door, and won't forget again.
We've been packing other rooms, the school books are almost complete and stacked ready for loading in the garage. Our last eight moves have been company moves, so we are a little out of habit for this packing and loading business. Craig isn't worried we will get it all loaded into storage, freeing us for a few weeks to roam like gypsies until our house is available or we move on to Plan B, which hasn't been decided on yet.

We had a great week for our annual river trip. During this year's planning we had so many opportunities I thought it would be completely cancelled. But we persevered as did Craig's aunt Mar and my friend Traci and family. We were ready and loaded on Memorial Day, when storms started rolling in and some "are you sure we should go" questions began. A phone call, look at weather maps, a decision by all to go even if it does rain all week as fore casted. We wanted our vacation, we needed it. So we drove on toward the areas predicted with flash flood warnings and prayed. We had rain most of the way, hardest with wind for Craig driving big ole Harvey. Once in sight of New Braunfels, we saw blue sky. The rain temporarily ceased long enough to set up camp, cook out our dinner, visit the river and settle in. 

Middle of the night the storms returned with a vengeance. All were safe, although some of the boys who slept in tents retreated to their van for safety during the worst pour down.  The next day, cold, overcast and the river was flooded. No one rented tubes or rafts that day, which is for the best, who wants to raft with flood water run off?

So we went to the water park. Cold icy waters of the water park and we hid part of the time in the hot tub bars, which it don't recommend because you can never force yourself to get out again. Well it was hard to, we did anyway. But most of us braved the cold and rode water rides as often as we liked since there were no lines. Lilly was brave and rode the "dragon" ride four times. She liked being taller for the slides that end in a pool of water since she could land without water in her face. It was a very good day. We may have had some sprinkles, but the rain past, sun came out and the weather was wonderfully the remainder of our trip.
Cc videoed water slides she went on...future vlogger!

The second water day we floated on the Guadalupe. The water was higher and faster than we had seen in years past we were able to float further down the river than we had before, experienced a very exciting natural chute through the rocks. Great visits, no interruptions, just floating. Perfect forced relaxation. 
Now I have o say all the wonderful problem free relaxation is due to the preparation of my Boy Scout motto living husband do always be prepared, for everything. We had music provided by the campsite (because we are such loyal customers). A floating cooler with speakers. We had snacks, drinks of all kinds, trash nets for pour cans, sun screen, hats, rope to tie our tubes together is needed. I get credit somehow, but Craig lives those scouting laws that make my life easy.
a rare time we are all attached together.

The next day we floated in the Comal River in town. It is a different experience, not as alone with nature, but surrounded by homes in the town, bulk head lined banks so less fear (by some) of snakes.

The cold waters the first day triggered a spasm of nerves in my lower back. The small of the back that never liked getting cold, and it went on full time rebellion and sent waves of pain discomfort every 30 seconds, causing complete insomnia that night. Which I spent watching raccoon activity in and around the camp bathrooms. The third day I fortunately found my homeopathic highlands nerve tonic, the spasms stopped immediately. I love that stuff!

My friends youngest also had a very close call with a pick up truck after our Comal trip, we usually stop in for pizza at the tubing exit. I crossed the street with all the girls, and a truck was speeding our way at an unnecessary and rude speed for the area. Laurence decided to try to catch up, but his Guardian angels somehow stopped him just from steps in the front of the truck. He was upset with the commotion of it all. I remember having a similar incident, I can still picture from when I was six. I remember my mother scolding me, out of her shock and relief, but what has upset me was the realization of the potential mortal danger, probably of the first time in my life. Later that night he was all smiles helping make marshmallows for each of us, (he did mine perfect, not brown on outside, just gooey in inside).  So thankful for the health and safety of these kids and mourning with others the untimely loss of theirs.

I never realize how much our river trip is needed until the week is over and we are headed home, we are happy, reconnected and relaxed. This year we so needed for the work that lies in wait for us.
Molly graduated high school this month. We will join in with out local homeschool group for a celebration and Baccalaureate mass this next week. But we've been celebrating already.

My niece is also finished so we had a party at my sisters with family and friends. I couldn't tell you how many people came, many!,  I was so thankful so many came a long journey to honor our girls and spend some good time with us. 

My nephew's girlfriend Meghan took up Craig challenge to make a bigger better cheese cake with a extra large cake pan he gave her for her college graduation. It was huge, heavy and perfectly delicious! Lots of calculations to create the recipe and cooking time, and there wasn't any thing left over!


We had spent the evening before with our church youth group at the church property boiling crayfish.

Let's don't talk diet. This month has been all about good food and eating and celebrating together, with a few birthday cakes and pies. Not to mention the meals we had to meat out to be out of the house of for the showings. I have been bad on my diet, but will resume my calorie counting and exercise class today! With hopes of quick success.

I hope to blog more in June than May, I have missed organizing my thoughts and memories. It helps when it's all so chaotic and jumbled together.

Happy Relaxing June to you!

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