Saturday, June 28, 2014

Answer Me This...

Playing along and answering Kendra's questions for this week
1. How often do you take public transportation?
Never in the U.S. In and around Greater Houston we all like to have our cars accessible, and usually have many miles covering many routes to get any where we head out every direction we out to go. For most of us, public transportation isn't an option since it isn't available. As a rule, I plan 40 minute commute for most outings. Houston is spread out over so many miles, four different area codes cover the general areas. You can drive over 100 miles from north to south, east to west and still be considered Houston area.

See that third outer loop? We live outside of it. This new toll road loop construction of this monstrous highway system is an unbelievable feat. Some of the structures are quite intimidating to drive beneath.

I only have used public transportation while in Italy and it took a few days to figure the Roman system of reading maps, times, locations and bus numbers. When we go back, we'll be pros.
Always carried in my wallet to be ready for the buses in Rome...

2. How many cousins do you have? If we are talking 100 % cousins, we have 26. Both grandfathers remarried and had more children, I don't know how many added half cousins there are, at least 12 more...

My kids have 16 first cousins.

3. Have you ever fired a gun?

Yes. I'd recommend wearing ear protection.

4. Do you ride roller coasters?

If my kids ask me to ride with  them, I usually will.  I loved to ride coasters in high school and college, but after having  babies, my equilibrium is off or just the idea that this is dangerous overwhelms the desire for that thrill.It's never my idea any more, but if they want or need me, and I don't have a little one who needs me more, I'll ride.

I really enjoy water park rides more. Since water keeps us cool while running around in the heat, it's much more enjoyable and practical here than non water amusement parks. My four year old talked me into riding one at Sclitterbahn this summer, I was nervous and she was jubilantly brave. I was proud of her spirit and frightened she'd fly off in another direction the whole time. 

5. What's your favorite flower?

Euly way back in 2005 holding a massive hydrangea.

I don't have good luck growing them in Texas, I'll keep trying. While in Georgia, we inherited some prolific hydrangea plants. 
I will keep trying here, maybe the soil isn't right or I don't water enough...
The gardenia comes in a very close second. I love the scent floating up from my garden.

6. Are you allergic to anything?
Thankfully, no.

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