Monday, June 2, 2014

A Tour Through Our Dream

Written back in March, not posted because I wasn't sure at the time what was in our future. I still don't know today, except, I know we are going somewhere since our house sold. 
Still hoping it's here.
Craig decided we needed to spend some time out at the property that we are trying to buy. I have given some glimpses of it here and here over the past year. I have been hesitant to post full blown house pics, afraid if it doesn't end up happening, I would have my hopes crushed after making it personal. But I'll risk it.  I am very hopeful. I know dreaming is half the fun. 

This property has so many good and beautiful features but it is broken, has been neglected and suffers from problems from its origin. Apparently, once upon a time, a very old home was moved on the property, years later rooms were added on to both ends. The old part of the home, hallway, bath and bedrooms, has old wiring that needs attention.  The addition has problems caused from a bad pier and beam foundation, wall cracks and floor cracks, as well as other issues that won't show up in photos. Repair and renovations will be a major undertaking, which is why others have passed on the chance. We fell in love, together, with the property. We both feel it deserves rescuing and rebuilding. We enjoy having a shared passion that will be a shared project for us to create and develop for years to come. 

It hasn't been raining as much recently so the road was in better shape than my last visit. Four wheeled drive is still a must at this point, unless we want to walk the last quarter mile up the drive. Craig had no trouble making it through in his truck. Road repair will have to be repair #1 on our list.

We started our visit with a BBQ picnic lunch on the front porch. The original builder got one very important thing right, placement of the house at the top of the hill facing south, so the shaded porch has a pleasant breeze flowing across it most of the day. And there is the view!!

The girls enjoyed a visit from one of the horses.

Okay, let's start our tour with inside of the house.
Now that the renter moved out, it is so nice to imagine where we would place our things, what we would change and repair and what colors we would paint it.
The den/breakfast/kitchen room is rather large and lined with windows, giving plenty of light for many options,

Euly is opening the door to the utility room, the kitchen in just beyond Nick's shoulder, he is facing the fireplace.

I took this from the other side of the island Nick is leaning on. Besides the windows, it is my favorite feature of this room. It has a large bar and can seat six bar stools. It has power plugs; Ceci is planning pancakes and smoothies for breakfasts around the island together.

I am considering staining the island an olive stain. It has marks and scratches all over and needs resurfacing.

The walls scream for color.

A view from the island into the kitchen. The stove is undersized for the space, so a larger stove is on the dream list. Otherwise the kitchen needs a really good cleaning, hinges tightening, and dishwasher repair. Otherwise, it is good to go. See the Texas star in the floor?

Turning back around is a good look at the fireplace. When we have the foundation repaired, and raised 18 inches, the fireplace will either need to be raised, or demolished and rebuilt. I had been leaning toward rebuild, but after looking it over again, my vote is now save and lift. It is huge, and I can't imagine what the specialists need to do, but they assure us they have moved larger items. 

Now turn a little further with fireplace on left below:
(Wonder if pool table stays)
Good spot for a piano.

The front of the house has two rooms, one we imagine as the library/schoolroom and the other would be a dining room. 

I wonder if the view from the library will be too distracting. Lilly looking out the window to the west where we hope to have animal pens.

Now we're going down the long bedroom hallway. 

You can't have too many windows. Looking out the bedroom window at the horses looking in.

Too many windows? Not possible:
Do you see the two Ceci's?

The bathroom is gorgeous, until you look closer. It really just needs care, maintenance and a really good plumber. The tub was never hooked up, and the shower needs to be grouted and caulked. We are hoping it won't need a complete rebuild of the shower. Craig isn't worried, has has done that type of tile work before and is excited to pick out tile he likes, if needed.

"Ceci's" bedroom is in the old house section and has some built ins and a small closet on each side, so this will be perfect for Ceci and Lilly to share.

Lilly thinks she'd pick this room instead, but this would be Nick's room, well, until he rebuilds "his house" (later in tour).

Molly and Euly will share a "small master" a bedroom with a bath. 
The bath isn't functional now, needs some plumber attention to get the tub working and rebuild the shower, and hook up the sink faucets. 
So if you were keeping score, that's two bathrooms out of commission, so plumber is #3 on our list, after road repair and foundation, leveling and raising of the house.
Lots of potential, lots of dreams.
Lots of needs for a good plumber. 

The floors are beautiful, just need a little buffing.

Okay, let's go outside and check out the property.
Another view of Lilly enjoying the front porch 

The master bedroom overlooks the lake is by the east side.
Craig thinks around this area might be a good spot for the garden.

There are many beautiful trees on the property, with many dead and needing to be removed after years of neglect. I see many bonfires in our future. 

Good old large oak to shade the bedrooms.

Hidden garden spot along the back fence.

We decided to look for the source of the spring fed creek. It looks like a tributary comes from the adjacent property and runs along the center of the property. 

Craig pointed out some little fish in the creek.
Brush needs to be cleared out so we can really see what is going on where the creek crosses the driveway.

We walked the property line while looking for the creek. We found several veins of the creek that meet up in the dense brush before meeting the the bottom of the hill.

Okay, let me tell you about the Future Nick house:
This old house was moved on the property some time ago and Craig thinks someone lived in it at one point in time. I'm not sure anyone ever could/would have. (Someday I hope to have an opportunity to ask the seller all kinds of history questions). It has a water well, electricity and septic associated with the house. In any case, the house has not been maintained or lived in for many, many years. Well, there is a very old bird nest in the bathroom and a wasp nest on the kitchen ceiling, well, what is supposed to be the kitchen. It has served as a storage for junk for many years.  It still has the 50's era looking stove and fixtures. It needs lots of work: roof, floors, does look like it was built solid, so it may be worth finding out. There is still the option of removing the house completely. I guess Nick could build something else someday. We have so many things to do on the "main house" that Nick's house needs to be his own project, or cleaned out, barred off and ignored for a time.

Craig dreams of this being the spot for our future orchard:

Walking back from Nick's house up the road to the the house.

Another item that needs attention is the exterior of the house. The cedar siding hasn't been maintained and needs replacing. We are hoping to give it some TLC and power wash it and retreat it, hoping to buy some time before it has to be completely redone. I have a sage color hardy plank/ rock combo in mind for the future.
This view point is standing on the drive way looking in the back into the den/breakfast room. Fireplace on left.

We relaxed on the front porch again before we left, enjoying the breeze, listening to birds, watching the butterflies flit around the horses grazing. It will need a lot of hard work and money to get it how we envision. We all feel it will be worth it, and will be a wonderful home when repaired. The property could be a peaceful haven.

I really want to come up with a name. Molly thinks I shouldn't until we know for sure it will be ours. But I have been playing with some ideas ahead of time anyway. And "Money Pit" is not an option.
Euly suggested Spring Creek Hill, Spring Hill Creek, Hilltop Spring Ranch.
Craig wanted something with a different flavor: Villa Silva (Country house in the woods), Rustico Ranch. We both agree Bluebonnet anything is overdone, at least in our part of Texas, but still Bluebonnet Ranch has a nice ring to it...?...okay, no. Got any suggestions?

It was sad leaving it all alone, not knowing what the future holds. We are leaving it and our future in God's Hands.

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