Wednesday, June 11, 2014

5000 Gifts!

This is a big landmark, counting gifts to 1000 five times over now!

So many memories of a well lived life!

99 Reminders to pray for an old dear friend who is fighting breast cancer.

98 It gave me a laugh, but really, have we come to the point of needing to be told this?

97 Making packing progress a head of schedule.

96 Forced quiet time to myself.
(Waiting for Nick's Scoutmaster conference)

95 Lil: "You are my best friend foreverrrr!"
Then she gives me her Butterfly kisses. 

94 Helping Max get settled in a bit more.

93 Listening to Lilly's imagined action as she protects us from imaginary monsters with her toy rifle. She's so proud when she tells is how many monsters are gone.

92 Finding a place to live, temporarily.

91 Making a graduation memory board photo shoot highlights. Love this lovely young lady. 

90 Graduation photo shoot 2

89 Reading and sharing thoughts and discussing Lord of the Rings with nick and euly

88 Making progress loading big things into storage.
Exhausting but satisfying.

87 "The beginning of love is the will to let those we love be perfectly themselves, the resolution not to twist them to fit our own image."  Thomas Merton

86 Good book recommendations from trusted friends, liking forward to having time to read.

85 Magnolias

84 "If God is calling you to take a leap of faith, be encouraged by His presence. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9). And remember, “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7). “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths” (Proverbs 3:5-6)."

83  "It's so important that you make the right choices now. Don't listen to the world, listen to the Eternal Word."
Mother Angelica

82 Euly's huge open heart.
Hoping the pain doesn't last long.

81 Knowing He's there even when I keep asking "You're with me, right?"

80 Walking into the Unknown

79 This reminder

78 Making plans, hoping it works and doing what I'm supposed to do as a grown up. 

77 Lil: I wanted to come with you (to my car in the dark) so you wouldn't be afraid of the dark.

76 Green: Lilly knows my answer to her constant "what's your favorite color?" question.

75 Having good neighbors

74 Picking flowers, dramatically

73 Oh the beauty of my back yard makes me wonder what we are thinking leaving it.

72 College pantry- opportunity to help fill.

71 Galveston

70 Advice left on the wall

69 So overwhelmingly thankful that Lilly stopped running and wasn't hit by the truck.

68 Lilly having fun with Clint and Katie, and the newly dubbed Katie doll

67 Crazy Lilly playing hide and seek with Clint

66 Making golden braids while she sleeps

65 "Sold" no turning back 

64 Graduation luncheon

63 We rode it out

62 Yogurt at midnight and snuggle with Lilly to help me sleep

61 Lilly, while offering me her hand, "we'll ride out the storm together,"

60 Crazy, insomnia at 12:08, 1:38, 4:25 and not at all sleepy.

59 Missing Lilly while she decided to sleep with Marilyn

58 We all survived the flood and the guys in our tents didn't float away like the one I saw.

57 Too many cooks in the rv kitchen?...nope, make great meals, feasting nightly.

56 That's my baby,
who makes all this fun happen.

55 It begins

54 Giggly girls from the other room, including Aunt Mar.

53 "What happens on these rv trip, stays on the rv trips." Not as risqué as it sounds, actually referring to cooking shortcuts.

52 Surviving five hours in the dental chair

51 Knowing how much she'll miss this place and seeing her hope for a new place.

50 Friendship

49 Loves America

48 here

47 Llamas and donkeys and the sounds of the peacock calls.

46 Stocking up for two parties and a vacation over the next three days.

45 Living this life together with so many people to love. 

44 Craig's job with good company with good benefits.

43 Root canal avoided.

42 Nice visit with Judy

41 Finding a Sacred Heart where I'd didn't expect to.

40 Mary's mint (Craig's grandmother) now trying to grow in my garden.

39 Visit at Aunt Judy's museum, wows the girls

38 Birthday beauty

37 Last merit badge

36 Ninja ice cream stealer. Lilly's favorite flavors.

35 Balloons for Molly - a surprise at work

34 Rose from my Lilly Rose

33 Lil's affirmative: "Yes sir rootey positooly."

32 Watching me get ready for an evening out with Craig, the little girls said it was like watch Cinderella get ready. 

31 Tearing up with every Ironman competitor.

30 Looking at this while listening to anything I want on my new stereo birthday gift.

29 Trying to recoup my peace, and the weather is cooperating

28 Phone calls asking for Lilly to bring her happy birthday tidings. She has described this birthday as her first (first one she remembers).

27 Being able to crash at Traci's for a showing and stay for a swim.
26 happy birthday girl


24 Pretty little napper

23 Asked"how many kids do you have.." "6"  
 "oh wow, you are so lucky!" 
"Yes I am."

22 When they get along like best friends.

21 Having great great-aunts.

20 Date night

19 Birthday cake

18 Nighttime bubbles

17 Paying Molly a visit at work
16 Max's great news.

15 Able to help Max and Tim in a pinch.

14 Planning a party, or two!

13 Nice long phone call catch up with Kathy.

12 Going to sleep with my kids safe and happy.

11 A "Really not as bad as I feared" expectation

10 Cc: I don't know what this is.
Lilly: I don't know what this is either..too.

9 getting a call for sweet little voices that live me to keep me company not long derive home from a tiring meeting. Hearing them tell me they love me.

8 My kids and being their biggest cheerleader and defender, and visa versa.

7 Flexibility

6 "Can I read another chapter to you?" Yes, Cc yes!

5 after Euly hurt herself in a fall, "you shouldn't run and fall down Looley." as simpathetically Lilly can say

4 Lilly's view on life

3 Lilly: happiness in motion

2 laughing until we cry, therapy.

1 she's enjoying reading.


  1. I am so right there with you on #69. How good God is!

    And you are so right there for me with #87 and #84. Thank you for those gems. Really.