Thursday, May 8, 2014

Queen of the May: phfr with roses and a procession

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May Crowning at our parish.
Our tradition is to crown a statue of Mary the first Sunday in May, the youngest of my first communion class to have the honor or placing the crown, and flowers for everyone else to offer to Our Lady.

 We have some talented people in our parish that help with the flowers and the crown each year.
We start outside, with the fathers of children in the first communion class to carry in the bier with a statue of Our Blessed Mother, followed by the FHC students with special bouquets to place in front, then choir...

O Mary! we crown thee with blossoms today Queen of the Angels, Queen of the May

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(I am not sure why I always have to mention: we are still meeting in the Family Life Center for Mass...maybe to reassure myself... someday..hopefully soon?... we will have our own church  for Mass?...and to explain why the background is so un-church-like).
Ceci took this shot of the ladies' choir singing "Immaculate Mary" and "Queen of the May" during the crowning.
I was busy with my First Communion class that I hadn't noticed who ended up watching Lilly. I shouldn't have been surprised that she preferred to be part of the choir, since she spends her days singing.
She looks like a proud mascot.

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