Thursday, May 22, 2014

Birthday! + Mother's Day! + Birthday! + Birthday! Recap

This has been a very joyful and busy couple of weeks. I was expecting May to be busy but it has left my head spinning.  May is always a crazy month for us.
These past weekends have had us on the go. Very full, very blessed.  
One Friday we took Ceci to Marilyn's for a spend the night adventure. She kept Marilyn company on errands and in return Marilyn spoiled her. My kids are so blessed to have a special aunt who loves them and has time to give one on one.

Ceci was missed. Lilly couldn't wait to go back the next morning to get her. Lilly has crazy expressions and use of vocabulary beyond her years and understanding. It doesn't help that she has adults with sarcastiic tendencies and witty quips flying around her head.
When she realized only Ceci was going, she started crying hard, mournfully, bordering devastation. She said, "Mom, you are tearing this family apart." Oh my. So imagine her joy when we went to pick Ceci up the next morning. We had errands to run, and finished early, so we met up at Marilyn's and had a visit with her ourselves. 
She surprised Lilly with an early birthday present, Ceci knew exactly what Lilly wanted, and Lilly was over joyed. Mar surprised me with a gift, starting my birthday celebration to a wonderful weekend of Mary/mom appreciation. 
Sometimes I don't like having my birthday and Mother's Day all together, but this year was perfect. 

Molly and I went on a mommy daughter shopping spree.
Did you know ColdWater Creek is closing down, going bankrupt? I am sad to see them go, and I'll miss the good quality clothes. Well it's now all on sale, so we had fun shopping! 

Mother's Day was very busy with May Crowing and First communion at our parish, and I'm in charge of the class, coordinating the day and reception.  It was beautiful and went well. I'm happy it is done. For the reception, I ordered a couple of cakes from a local bakery. We had some miscommunication with the baker. I wanted white cakes with pink and blue accents, she thought I wanted pink and blue cakes and I was afraid it would end up looking like a baby shower. But it was beautiful and tasty. She only uses natural ingredients so the pink was colored by raspberry and the blue by blueberries. Very good.

Lilly's birthday came fast a couple of says later and I wasn't as prepared as I'd hoped if be, but it was fine. She didn't have any expectation for what a birthday should be and was delighted with everything! She wanted pink things and a pink cake, so we had fun finding things she would like in pink. And a few things she'd like that weren't pink.

We made the strawberry cake recipe from Craig's childhood, except I didn't put strawberries in the icing. Light and delicious. Very happy little birthday girl.
In the mean time we have had to fill our days with the closing down of the official school year(some continues through the summer): last music class and performance, last scouts and court of honor, last Ccd classes and celebrations, recitals, and graduation party planning. Not to mention church fundraiser meetings and dinners, a very large Eagle project, dental appointments and housing decisions. 

Molly graduated from high school and turned 18 on her golden birthday celebration.  She is a lovely girl and I'm so happy she will stay close to home for school this next year. 

She had to work on her birthday. So we thought we'd celebrate and embarrass her with a surprise balloon visit from her family

I'm sure she loved seeing us!

Lilly asks everyone their favorite color and informs all that her favorite is pink. If asked for present ideas: it was "pink ----". Her friends and family listened and she now has a few pink additions to her wardrobe and to the toy box in pink.
We had another celebration with our friends today with a rice crispie shaped cake for Lilly closing down the May birthday celebrations for us this year.

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  1. Such a beautiful family!
    And my, such wonderful celebrations happening in your home!