Saturday, May 31, 2014

7 river trip quick takes

Welcome to my quick takes of my happy memories from our fourth annual family and friends river trip to one of my favorite Texas rivers, The Guadalupe,seen through my phone's lens:

1 Critters

This area is healthy nature wise because there are so many bugs and insects around that we don't see as much in the neighborhoods at home (I blame fertilizers and pesticides).
Roley Polly
Sugar Ants
Honey Bees
Lightning Bugs
Flying ants
June bugs
No seeums 
Mosquito's (we see plenty of these)

We convinced ourselves the snakes we saw on the rivers banks didn't want to get in the cold water, being cold blooded and all. They didn't bother us.
We didn't mind sharing the river with lots of turtles, 
(who didn't mind the cold water btw). 
And because we are homeschoolers we learned more about insect behaviors and diets. Pill bugs aren't bugs at all, they are crustaceans and are closer related to shrimp than insects.
Bird watching was great.

They get their own take.
They don't bother us directly, just make a mess of any trash, or food in coolers. We have a double up the trash can system that has fooled them for the past two years.
They hide in and around the bathrooms at night.
I wish I had recorded seven year old Laurence's retelling of his discovery of a raccoon in the men's bath.
I would thinks it's frightening to find a raccoon hiding behind the potty, but to a seven year old boy.. it's the best story ever.

Water... cold water.. cold refreshing water!!

For me water is mentally and physically refreshing
to soak in look at listen.

I saw this recently
And knew it was true

Then I noticed this on my phone 
I am so happy for their friendship:

Here is Lilly's snap of me and my friend Traci having our morning coffee

overlooking this view:

5 Toobing
The best thing in this over technological world
Nothing to do
Stuck in water
Forced relaxation
It's the best!

Water parks
With little ones, it is lots of work,
you can see Interesting people and interesting tattoos.
Get great exercise.
Lots of smiles!

Vacation is good.
It is needed.
Friendships are blessings!


  1. This looks wonderful, my friend!
    And you are right, friendships are indeed the best therapy!
    So glad we are starting one here in this little world. : )

    1. Your comments always make me smile! Thank you'