Friday, May 2, 2014

7 Friday Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about your awesomeness, saints working through Youtube, and me buying you a banana suit

1. I had to drive ole Harvee our Rv in to the city for more diagnostics on its transmission. I don't mind driving the 37 foot big box, but to drive it into town with morning traffic gets me a little nervous. Small cars can't wait to cut in front of me apparently assuming I could stop as quick as they if need be. I have to hold my lane, take my turn to survive the traffic flow be a little more aggressive to get where I need to go.  At one point, after stopping for tolls, and having to gain two lanes back to the left, I felt a little like this:

I do love our rv. When driving something this big you have to be patient, don't worry about being anywhere at a certain time, "rv time." 
I can't really call it camping, we're just taking a smaller home mobile away from home. It beats tent camping, well, the obvious: it has AC! It beats hotels for us: with so many kids, they say we need three rooms. With the rv we have no need for luggage and we don't need to stop for meals. It works nice for a big family. I can't wait to get out on the road this summer...hoping the transmission mystery is finally solved.
I do like to think about full time rv life, but don't think I could actually take the leap like this family.

I laughed when I saw this video. It's not my kids I worry about inventive pronunciation I worry about what they have learned from me: especially the butchering of pronunciation of names of Ancient Romans and Greeks and locations. I warn them to be on the look out for the correct pronunciation. We're reading Lord of the Rings, and I'm tempted to watch the movie to make sure my pronunciation is close.

I am waiting for my copy of Jen's book Something Other than God to come in the mail. 
Have you seen the trailer? 
I did see this good news in my email today:
"Your order of "Something Other Than God..." has shipped!"

Happily, I do have something wonderful to read this weekend. I received Leila's book today, and am so excited to read it. It looks so thorough and wonderful. I wish I had it when I was starting out with my kids. I still can use and implement ideas in our lives now. Great gift for a new mom or mom of young children.
May is already very busy! And with birthdays and anniversaries, recitals, a graduation, May crowning, First communion, college kid coming home, friend's Eagle project and an annual family trip with good friends, my calendar is already full, but looks like it will be a great month. Just a little longer to have a three year old in the house, Lilly turns four this month.
"Mom, I'm three!"

Since Molly will have a home school high school graduation ceremony, we decided to have fun and take a few senior portraits. From our first session:


I love the smell of lumber in the morning. When we moved to Austin in the 70's with the first boom, our house was the first built in the street so the smell of fresh lumber filled those next years with the street filling in. Makes me think of something wonderful about to be built. 
Tomorrow twenty Boy Scouts will come over and start the first phase of a scout's Eagle project of building houses for rescued wolves. Something wonderful for those animals. Next week the boys install the houses and I hope get a glimpse of the wolves in their new homes.

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  1. I have those two books waiting for me too! Well one is on the counter and the other should arrive today. But I have to finish my current book first...I am so close to the end. I am glad we will be able to talk about Leila and Jen's books!