Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What We're Reading Wednesday

We finished reading The Face of the Nazarene by Noel Trimming.

It is a well told story of friends and followers surrounding Jesus in the days leading up to and after His Passion. I am not a scholar to know how much was fictionalized, and I wonder if Mary of Bethany was betrothed? It was interesting to see Lazarus alive and basically back to a normal life after his death and resurrection experience. I have sometimes seen him portrayed as if in a dream land, not in he real world after his experience. 
Regardless, it was well told, we enjoyed and learned quite a bit. This time in Jerusalem is becoming more and mire familiar to my children, seeing same people, from a different angle that we read about in Amon's Adventure and Nick is reading de Wohl's The Spear.

Ever have trouble reciting the twelve apostles' names?


B        Bartholomew
A        Andrew
P         Phillip
T         Thomas
I = J    John, James, James, Jude, Judas
S         Simon Peter, Simon the Zealot
M       Matthew 

A memory aid brought to you from a great teaching book: Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine by Archbishop Michael Sheehan. Great to use for resource or for religion education for high school students. This version has the two books combined.

We also read Marianna Mayer's The Twelve Apostles for a little more information on each apostle, their family connections to each other and when they were called to follow The Master, Jesus. 

The book has beautiful works of art for each apostle. It is a good snippet introducing each apostle and left my kids hungry to learn more about each apostle's story.


  1. These all sound like great educational Lenten reads! Have you read The Acts of the Apostles for Children? I think we'll tackle that after Pentecost.

  2. ^ I guess it's called The First Christians by Marigold Hunt.

    1. I'll look for it. I like Hunt's books. Thanks!