Thursday, April 10, 2014

Life on the go

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We spent this past weekend in Galveston to cheer on Marilyn for the Ironman.
While in town we went to the Moody Gardens Aquarium where we were entertained by the penguins and were able to watch the walrus eat. We were treated to so many wonderful undersea creatures.

Any down time we have in Galveston, we have to spend it at the beach. 

Time spent at the beach makes us happy,
even if it's too cold to swim.

On Tuesday's Science day, we had a little friend of Lilly's join us to pal around.
He's 7, she's 3. They have the funniest conversations.
He was telling her it wasn't safe to pet squirrels, even when they are just that friendly.

They both agreed the Japanese gardens were beautiful.

We had some time to spend at a park today, and went to our neighborhood park. 
All the playground equipment was gone, only the sand beds were left. 
The neighborhood is rebuilding and updating the equipment and we just happened on a day between work phases. The girls were quite surprised. The upside of these types of surprises , the kids usually turn to nature studies.

Euly made a friend with this dragonfly that needed to rest on her hand to let its wings dry.

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  1. I love the close up of the penguin and the dragonfly, but I have to say I love the "don't touch the squirrel" advice. That is too funny. Don't forget to get the "don't pick up dead birds" talk in, no matter how pretty they are, got that one in too late with my eldest. God Bless!

    1. Oh! That is one I never think to tell.