Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Very Happy Easter

Happy Easter! 
We hosted sisters, cousins, grandparents. aunts uncles and girlfriends at our house again this year. We had a feast brought together by my husband, Molly, my mom and sisters. Always delicious, always wonderful choices of ingredients. Mostly gluten free. 
We visited, ate, drank and laughed all day. 

Max and Joseph,  Marilyn and Michael took the job to hide around 500 eggs in the backyard. All the other "kids" wanted to hunt. We needed as many hunters as possible! The hiding took almost half and hour. The boys hid the prize eggs in strategic locations, that needed hints to finally find.

The hunt started in stages, with Lilly first. The eight years olds, the twelve year olds, fifteens, then the rest. So great to see happy smiles and everyone having fun. My mom gave prizes: for the most (84), the least (15) , the golden egg and the "Nathan"egg. Dd filled her eggs with candy and cash.

I love hosting! When we were little we would go to my Uncle Jack's in the afternoon and hunt (boiled and colored) eggs. There were prizes for the most collected for a chocolate bunny prize. It makes me happy to see the tradition pass along.

Have a Blessed and Happy Week!

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  1. Hello Mary...
    Visiting from Val's blog. : )
    I have enjoyed your beautiful space here.
    Have a cozy weekend!