Thursday, March 20, 2014

Some pretty, happy, funny, real in our everyday life

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~
Welcome spring! 
Pretty morning sunshine on this potted plant, 
the only one to survive the last unexpected freeze.

Celebrating a happy Feast of St. Joseph at our parish 
(hosted by another parish's Family life Center)
a room used for mass and a quick transition to use for the reception.

From this:

 To this
 in a matter of minutes:
kneelers, altar rail, altar all fit behind that wall.

 My kids are always happy to have more time with their friends outside of mass and Ccd.

Lilly and Michael - such a complicated friendship!
Lots of "I just want to be alooone" heard.

So Lilly thought she'd bug his brother instead. He was swee

Aren't First Class Feasts such a gift during Lent?!

Height differences between some of my kids

For my two girls who say I never have pictures of them.


  1. Oh, you have such a beautiful family! And I so love Lilly's dress. Elegant, pretty, and she does look comfortable in it...

    Whoever designed that little room/ alcove for the altar and church furniture is a genius!

    Blessings to everyone :-)

    1. Thank you.,Marcia.

      Our priest built the wall, the altar, rails and kneelers. We are hoping he can start building our church soon :)