Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our Family Prayer

Dear loving Heavenly Father,
In your infinite Love and Mercy
we place our lives in your hands:

For our marriage to be infused with the supernatural graces we need for our union, our parenting task, and to stay close to you. And to raise our children to be Your light in the world. To be a loving and faithful mother, a good supportive companion for my spouse and return your blessings. To be a strong, faith filled husband, a spiritual leader who so many will follow.

For Max: Continued success in school carried to a career that is pleasing to You. To find a faithful and loving spouse, to faithfully walk the journey You have planned for him.

For Molly: To find a college solution that is good for her soul, safe for her body, satisfying to her spirit, and beneficial for her life's work. May she blossom in creativity and love you inspire.

For Nicholas: Help guide his education toward work that glorifies your nature in his talents. Inspired him to nurture his talents. Help keep him pure, steadfast and able to keep friendships that are dear to him.

For Eulalia: Help her stay pure of heart and full of the joy of doing Your work.

For Cecilia and Lillianna: Help them develop a love for what is good and holy work, keep them pure and innocent.

Thanksgiving for the gifts of life our children have been to our lives and safety for their souls, bodies, hearts, mind and spirit. Thanksgiving for our family, good health, steady employment and inspiring faith community.

Forgive us our sins.

We trust Your Guidance. 
Please show us the way to navigate this journey, shielding us from evil and unprepared death.

In Christ's name,
St Joseph, St Charbel, St Anthony, St Michael,
Pray for us.

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