Monday, March 10, 2014

Counting Gifts of Grace

Counting gifts of big and little events, thoughts, prayers, experiences I don't want to forget.

4700 Craig's job and his hard work and dedication.
99 Hot water in kitchen to clean dishes.
98 Margaret's outlook: looking for the holy.
97 Italian cream cake success
96 Any or no excuse needed to set table fancy.

95 Easter lilies coming up every year.
94 Thankful for the lives of my children.
93 Family prayer chains and lines of communication through prayer intentions.
92 Relaxing Sunday afternoons to ourselves and enjoying a day of rest.
91 Praying for the souls who need it
90 Each day that we battle and don't give in.
89 Lilly's song for me.
88 Meditations on Christ's sufferings and explanations to a three year old.

87 Bird feeder outside my window brings songbirds to wake me in the morning.
86 The couple that lingered a long time, hopeful.
85 Craig offering his Saturdays for our church.
84 Wakes up just to yell, "Mom, I love you!" Then falls back asleep.

83 Menagerie of tiny catholic treasures on my miniatures shelf.

82 Making plans for river trip, adding more to the mix.
81 All six at the park, doing their own thing.
80 Lilly waking up from her nap happy to see Maggie sitting next to her.
79 Our annual Stations of the Cross flash prayer mob tradition.

Starting at beautiful St Mary's:

78 Audio Sancto homilies.
77 Having others to inspire me, having motivated people in my life.
76 Letting myself be inspired by the accomplishments of others.
75 "I love you many much." - Lil
74 Kids who can clean a house in a hurry.
73 A successful Ash Wednesday.
72 Helping Lilly put her shoes on the wrong feet, cause it's right to her.
71"Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me." Jesus 
70 "Give me you."
69 Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday celebrating Craig's 50th. Big blow out to end Ordinary Time. Lent, here we come!
68 A young dad beaming over his third daughter.
67 Making my sweetie happy.
66 Everyone home safe after bad weather all over the roads.
65 Dd and Jr influencing my husband who he is, and bringing him into the world for me and our kids.
64 Craig birthday weekend celebration.
63 Fan girl Lilly.
62 Fun Sunday night free music family outing.

61 That the hotel wasn't on fire.

60 Family time.
59 Date night.
58 Brennan's is still so good.
57 Waiting for a long time in one spot to witness random acts of kindness.
56 Nick's suggestions to cheer Euly.
55 Cc urging me to go on a walk with her. Nice to have her conversation for an hour to myself.
54 The master negotiator that my husband is.
53 Good to have good friends from NOLA.
52 Mardi Gras in a box.

51 I kicked a board in half!! I am so happy! TKD

50 Surviving stomach illness in middle of the night. My prayers were heard and answered.
49 Spending time with this bundle of love hope and joy.

48 Crazy going on here.

47 Craig's endless optimism.
46 A reason to keep a constantly clean house and kids who help without being told.
45 Walks to clear my mind and pray my rosary.
44 This girl: all her intensity and drama somehow add up to joy and laughter.(Cc)
43 Stupid insomnia. At least I can catch up on reading and prayers.
42 A daughter offering to teach me ukulele.
41 Gorgeous weather.
40 Marilyn's treats and surprises.
39 Sore muscles.
38 TKD class best new thing in our lives.
37 Finding lots of options for Sunday School topics.
36 Mental distractions.
35 The gift of free will. God saving me the chance to choose to choose.

33 Borrowed:

32 Fur lined shoes that fit perfectly and the sweet aunt who thought of all of us in a different world.

31 Gifts from the old world:

30 I love her posture:

29 Look at this again in thirteen years for a laugh.

28 "Be prepared" and have good backup when you forget something in the preparation.

27 Sharing his fun.
26 Big sister girly girl time.
25 Lessons:"Its my responsibility to be as happy as I can, right here, today."
24 Forget about what the others are going find out what is special about you lego movie message.
23 Good day.
22 Sharing old bank teller stories.
21 5 day fast. Made it through day 1.
20 Haha she's my favorite:

19 Blue bell variety.

18 Lilly's fun turning this into that:

17 Nick's fifteenth birthday

16 Lake break on a bike ride with Cc:

15 Valentines day breakfast:

14 Stuffed peppers:

13 New definition of "fine dining" good for a laugh.

12 "You never know when your eleventh hour is to come."
11 Nick celebrating golden bday.
10 Good soreness.
The fifth day of the novena to Saint Francis of Assisi:
"After Saint Francis experienced his conversion, he quickly turned his life around. He let go of control and what made him comfortable, and he trusted completely in God.
Today let's pray that we can do the same so we may serve Him better. "
8 Class for all the kids together.
7 Christopher taking time to explain things to Lilly.
6 For lost and found and honest people!
5 Cajun Greek, La Kings, and Mario's all in one day.
4 Not given more than I can handle, just more than I deserve.
3 Quilt finds.
2 Lil: "My pink sweater! My favorite flavor!'
4601 A child and an empty hotel hallway, the temptation and irresistible calling to run!

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