Thursday, February 20, 2014

Theme Thursday -Dishes

Theme Thursday - Dishes
and maybe a little TMI

Every picture is worth... a thousand words...five stories...

The dish...
This set of dishes was a gift from my husband's grandmother, Mary, to me before we were engaged, which I didn't want to accept since we weren't yet engaged. She insisted the set was to be mine regardless of what happened in the future. She loved me and wanted this set to be in my home. Sweet dear lady. I don't know why, but she did love me very much.  Mary concealed the extent of her fight with intestinal cancer from the family to enjoy our wedding as much as a she could, and passed away in peace three months later.

I know Mary would be happy that I use the plates for our special occasions, but also for regular boring days when I need to feel special.  It helps me feel her love.

Tonight Nicholas made dinner, practicing a meal he will make on a Scout camp out this weekend. Although I am supposed to be on a five day food fast, I had to try some of his taco meat. He would have been too disappointed had I not. The scouts are going to be eating good this weekend.

The Fast...
It's a Blessed Herb toxic cleaning fast. The "best" version is five days no food, apple juice mixed with a toxin absorber mixture and water only. The "better" version includes some food. I tried the best version for three days,  but had too much running around this week and needed some food. So I'll settle for "better" this round.

The little cookie waiting for dessert is one of Molly's gluten free chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate goodness,  I promised I'd try one.

My special place to keep my special plates...
I keep the ordinary dishes in the kitchen cabinets, but I keep my special dishes and cups in my special cabinet. I bought it as a treat for myself with my final paycheck with my last job. It was a painful letting go, so I gave myself a gift for all my pain, sweat and tears.


  1. I covet your china cabinet. It is beautiful!

  2. It's a beautiful cabinet (and a lovely picture, too).