Thursday, February 20, 2014

pretty, happy, funny, real: good deals and bad deals

{pretty} & {happy}
We made a quick visit today to the Blue Bell Creamery to see how delicious ice cream is made. 
(No cameras allowed inside)
And were treated to a big serving of ice cream. I tried a new flavor "I ❤️ chocolate." 
                                                  If you  ❤️ chocolate, find some! 

Blue Bell's motto: "We eat all we can and sell the rest."

{funny} & {real} 
& {and a little embarrassing confession}
Caveat emptor
A lesson in  Buyer Beware
My girls and I were looking through street vendor's quilt selection, and we found some nice quilts at a really good bargain. As I was settling up, the girls found this gem and said, mom, we can't leave this here. They showed me a few panels and it looked nice. The vendor gave a "good deal."

A look closer revealed (too late) a few strange spellings and misconceptions of faith:
"St. Jhon the Baptism yoused this to Baptis people and Jesus"

yoused..? oh my
And apparently John is often misspelled this way...

 "St. Mark had a simble of a lion because he wanted Jesus and other people to be brave."

mispelling aside, I think it was Jesus who did the inspiring...

 A lot of nice fabric and time when into making this collection of symbols. The girls are thinking of restitching the problem panels.

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