Saturday, February 1, 2014

phfr - the park

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~
We had some time to spend away from home together today, and voted to hang out at a local park.
Camera in hand I was determine to keep the setting on M and not the easy green button.
Too much light on this overcast day, but nothing photo enhancing tools couldn't pretty up:

"I just love him soooo much!"

Lilly playing with/ getting to know the geese.
"Mom! There's a gang of geese chasing me!"

Almost caught her!

the kids, that is.
Me, not so much...
I get chills imagining broken bones..
They were happy the made it up the tree.

  I was happy they made it down safe and in one piece.
I loved that Molly could take time to pal around with me.

{real} views down county roads
real curious arrangement of campfire potties



  1. bizarrely hilarious campfire! What a site it must be when sitting roasting marshmallows.

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  3. A very engaging photo-story! Such happy and beautiful faces, too.

    That's a curious landscaping style, indeed :-)