Tuesday, February 11, 2014

HMNS Science Day & Butterfly Museum Visit

The Egyptian Exhibit

 The Energy Museum
"This model represents "Tokamak" nuclear fusion reactor. The donut shaped center core is surrounded by a massive array of powerful magnets. These magnets generate a huge magnetic field in the center core and regulates the nuclear fusion reaction. " HMNS states they hope someday to see these reactions providing a clean, unlimited form of energy.

illustrating filtering crude oil
 On to the Butterfly Museum

The longest insect: the record holding Malaysian walking stick measured 22".

Balmy and beautiful!

"Hey mom, can I buy a treat from the vending machine?"
Crick-ettes, larvets, scorpion lillipops

Vampire Mosquito gruesome facts:
"Only the female mosquito drinks blood, which she needs for her eggs to develop. Her abdomen can swell tremendously as she drinks. When she is full, she'll fly off to find a small pool of standing water in which to lay her eggs, up to 300 of them! Then she'll rest until the next night, when it is time to find a new victim."

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