Monday, February 24, 2014

Gifts of motherhood

The gifts that we receive from having children..
and I'm not talking about adding to the baby's room or layette..
I'm thinking of those gifts that enrich us the rest of our lives; an intensified infusion of previous characteristics, or a new appreciation or interest or a newly discovered talent. Qualities I think I can hold on to if I use them, fearful they'll leave me as the kids will do, if I don't use them. Happy they opened my eyes a bit more.

I'll go first,  I'd love to hear yours.

Gifts with my oldest son:
Discovering the limitless capacity of the heart.
Found my purpose for living: being a mother.
Experienced limitless love.
Received a new perspective on the world, my life, my choices, effects of my actions.
Renewal of Faith.
Driving desire to capture the special moments of life in written word and captured on film.

Second child, a girl:
Drawn to the arts.
Great desire for music to fill my days starting during pregnancy.
Need to express myself in other mediums, most often paint (as in color for my walls... that kind of paint), but also pen and ink sketching and watercolor.
Appreciation of nature, need to be submersed in nature.
Desire/craving for healthy living.
Take control, grow up, maturity. Feeling all grown up as a mother of two, now that's something!
Letting the adventurous side come out and win a few battles.

Third bouncing baby;  boy:
Deeper faith renewal.
Trust in God.
Love, more that I thought ever possible.
Love, unconditional deeper level than before.
Acceptance of my failings and inadequacies. Loved despite them.
Even deeper need to know Faith, to be able to explain to children.
Vulnerability. Accepted and trusted  I needed God more than I ever thought I did. 
Life got hard, more serious, I learned to try to control less.

Fourth child, daughter, "baby":
Appreciation for and drawn to simple goodness of life.
Appreciation for small things.
More Love.
She's such a gentle spirit, I was called to answer the need for a gentle hand, gentler tone of voice in her (and siblings) upbringing.
Self control, (although still sparsely practiced).

Fifth baby, girl:
Look at the bright side
Deeper desire to renew Faith.

Sixth: girl, the baby:
Happiness; reminders to smile.
Reminders to Relax.
Don't miss an opportunity to show love with a hug, snuggle or kind word.
Knowledge that I am loved.
Life is a miracle.
Don't sweat the small stuff, and put it in practice.
Savor as many moments in the day as possible.
Knowledge God is good, all the time, and truly, gently loves me. Even though I don't deserve it.

I've received these gifts spread out over the span of our children. 
I believe these qualities and gifts are really their gifts,
and because I was so fortunate to be chosen to be their mother,
the vehicle God used to bring them here to earth,
some of their good qualities visited me, and fortunately, 
some stayed.

Babies are the best gifts in life!
Deo gratias!


  1. All precious, each distinctly appreciated. What a heartwarming tribute to your children and their Creator...

  2. Very beautiful! They are all unique gifts to us as well. :)