Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day book: things that flip Lilly out, altar tour and a pretty outing atpark

Outside my window...beautiful weekend with perfect weather. 

I am thankful...he thinks of his mama. Nicholas was off to Enchanted Rock on a campout for scouts. He texted me a picture from the top of the rock.

I am thinking...about Jen's Seven posts in seven days much fun it will be to read all the new posts up this week!

I am praying to follow and accept (and know) God's Will in our lives.

In the kitchen...Molly made eclairs for a friends birthday party. Ceci helped make cookies for her friends Maggie. The girls decided it's going to be a princess theme. 

I am reading...A young Folk's Josephus, All of A Kind Family series, and The Dyslexic Advantage, 

I am watching...Fiddler on the Roof, and Masterpiece series Sherlock and Downton later this evening.

I am plan a good celebration for my husband's big birthday next week. If someone says they don't want a party, do they really mean they secretly do, or no, they really don't want a party? I'm thinking I'd secretly like the party, Craig? ...maybe not? So I'm planning a special date...

Around the's been quiet with the guys gone. Euly said the days are too boring with out her sidekick, Nick.
I am pondering...Sunday school topics. Now that we have finished going over St. Joseph's Catechism book.  we'll read about St. Tarcisius 
Saint Tarcisus, patron of First Communion, found here

.A favorite quote/verse/prayer for today...Helen Keller

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Starting the week off with a little girls birthday party, and not much else planned beyond the regular school, exercise and music classes and scouts.

A peek into my Father gave my class a tour of our makeshift temporary sacristy and altar.
He taught them about vestments, recited the prayers and explained purpose for each piece. He showed the sacred vessels used at mass and taught interesting facts and tidbits. I learn so much each year we have the tour. I think a lot of it goes over the kids heads, but they have time with Father so that when it's time for confession they won't be as nervous. 

He showed them the altar stone, the reason we have an altar, not just a table. And unfortunately no, he doesn't know who the martyr is whose relics are in the stone. The stone has five crosses engraved on it to mark the five wounds of Christ. 
Our altar rail has the altar cloth attached (as an extension of the altar) so that when it is time for Holy Communion, we are invited to come the altar, via the altar rail. Everything has a purpose and an explanation. I hope it washed over them, and in the future, they will know to seek out explanations to help deepen their understanding and their faith.
One quick fact new to me: ever wonder back in the days without AC and window screens, there would be more flies around, even at Mass, even on the altar. The wine for Mass is first carried up in cruet, then added to the chalice. Covered with a pall (pronounced "pail") or covered with the purificator cloth. If after the consecration, wine is now Precious Blood, a fly happened to go in for a taste, the priest sometimes has a straight pin on his Maniple worn on the arm as part of his vestments. He can use the straight pin to get the fly out, and then burn the fly in the candle flame. Can't have a fly fly off drenched in Precious Blood. I hate to think what if it couldn't be retrieved or seen first. God bless our priests for all they do and the vast store of interesting tales they have to share with us.
I read article: Diet related... The article that will make you want to stop sugar.

Did you see Jason Good's reasons his three year old son might be freaking out?
Lilly has a few of her own reasons to freak:
She wants to swing.
She doesn't want to swing like that.
She can't wear her special Sunday dress in the backyard to play in the mud.
Mud got on her mud boots.
Her sister is talking.
She woke up in bed alone.
Someone else is talking when she wants to talk.
She wants to ride in a seat belt, like her sisters, not car seat.
She didn't get her dinner on her special plate.
Her special plate looks like all the other plates.
Mom's phone rings while she's playing it.
Her sister isn't playing dolls the right way.
She can't explain what is right or wrong way to play dolls.
She threw her drink away and wants it back out of the trash.
The dress should be worn tag in front and on the outside where she can see it.
Her older sisters shouldn't be able to do any thing she can't do:
.. ride a bike, walk the dog, play at a friend's house, have a friend over.
The dog's tail hits too hard when he's happy but she doesn't want to move from his side.
She doesn't want her sister to come down the stairs when she is still on them.
She doesn't want to go outside right now.
She wants to stay outside when everyone else wants to come in.
Her pretend  house has doors that open and close and everyone should be able to tell if open or closed.

One of my favorite things...spending time outside with happy kids enjoying a beautiful spring-like day.

Happy last week of February!


  1. Beautiful family photos and stories! Well, if I were little and my sisters didn't know how to play with my dolls, too...

    That was a good idea to explain some of the sacramentals to the children. Even if they did not fully understand what they heard, the seed for reverence for things sacred is already planted in their hearts.

    "Fiddler on the Roof" always makes me both sad and happy...

    That was a full and engaging daybook; thanks for sharing!

    1. Marcia, I appreciate your kind words and thoughts and taking time to comment. :)