Saturday, February 8, 2014

Counting 4600 Gifts

4600 Lazy Friday evening at home with a cozy glass of wine.
4599 What to do with hurt? Let it go!
98 Making my own decisions 
97 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6
96 tiny friendships
95 "Glad to do my bit."
94 Unintentionally goin' muddin'
93 Costco to the rescue for jeans
92 A trial period in which Lilly's opinion was changed

91 A helpful sandy baker

90 Dreaming it, planning it, walking it
89 Lilly feeling much better even as bruise appears after her fall, learning "don't run in the house!"
88 Opinion matters at committee meeting.
87 Trying to figure out meaning in lyrics with Molly of our favorite hipster bands
86 Taking the short route and it took us by family and friends.
85 Lilly being a good nurse for an injured Lilly.
84 Arnica pellets and gel.
83 Red blanket to soothe a hurt Lilly.
82 Hot bath on a relaxing Sunday.
81 Processions.
80 Ceci excitedly telling me about her day.
79 "There is a pack of angry ducks following us." 
78 Making a plan and sticking to the budget
77 Free books on kindle
76 Having to get out and do something for a few hours... Needing more ideas 
75 Everyone working together on house.
74 Blue Willow finds
73 Overheard, "Cc! I love my mama." "Me too."
72 that I wasn't the last mom to pick up her scout :0
71 Looking at photos. How did we ever not have an annual river trip. Planning 2014!!
70 "Well, she's not shy.."Nope, Lilly knows no strangers.
69 Give me hugs, give me hugs, give me lots and lots of love.
68 Molly giving me a hug," I thought of you and thought you needed this today."
67 No cavities and princess treatment for Lilly 
66 Unusual amount of sirens and now a helicopter adding to make my decision to stay in bed a little longer on a very cold morning.
65 Wool socks.
64 Heat.
63 Neighbor kids over on their snow day to enjoy our warm house filled with smells of baked goods, filling it with lots if noise, good, laughter and love.
62 "When I finished balancing the trial balance I'll need your help with the income statement." - Molly.  This probably makes me too happy now that my daughter speaks my language.
61 A girl with pink flowers in her hair.

60 Cold weather makes this happen:
Molly's GF eclairs and Ceci's cookies.
59 Icicles on my carcicle.

58 Houston snow days = no traffic.

57 Love how Lilly makes sure I don't go anywhere in morning.

56 Nick's awards in COH.
55 Excuse for flowers for a good reason.

54 Orange sherbet showing run.
53 Not being hit by that car!
52 Quirky English expressions:  "He kept himself to himself."
51 "Stupid bloody waste of life." After discovering victims on Foyle's war. My current obsession.
50 Flashlight tag smiles and excited conversations.
49 So thankful to our evening walks and talks, mother daughter chats and reminisces. Daughters are such gifts to a mom.
48 A good reason to waste time together.
47 Getting past fears will feel natural and peaceful.
46 Maria's hard work producing early interests.
45 Pushing into your fears to live your life.
44 Selectively sharing news.
43 Friends' enthusiasm.
42 Lil story: 
One time there was a monster in your room.
Then he took something from dad's drawer.
He took his flashlight.
He took the special one.
The monster has only one tooth.
And he had really, really long hair.
Long like mine!
And he had a really long, really long long beard.
To the ground!
He just took the flashlight
And my dad said, "Where's my special flashlight?"
I said, "Some monster took it."
My dad said, "We got a flashlight, not the special one,  but a color one."
My helped my dad get it back. Cc helped. Everyone helped. 
  He just took it and he is mean. 
We got it back.
(Cc interrupted) Is your story over?
No, we just went home.

41 Playing "mommy baby" with Lilly and she is quite good at being the mommy. I have to fake sleep to get some rest.
40 Early indicators.
39 Maria's excitement and spreading enthusiasm.
38 Father Hardon's wisdom:

37 "There is not greater mistake than the hasty conclusion that opinions are worthless because they are badly argued." Thomas Henry Huxley
36 Something to sink my teeth into.
35 War heroes.
34 wait..what?
33 A day at the movies.
32 Snowballs and the length and height Euly went to get it.
31 Lilly's stories, "I've got a scary story for you."
30 Obsessions.
29 Making sure I practice restraint and not do her homework for her. How fun it is when we balance!

28 Little Lilly gives so much sunshine.
27 play dates to wipe her out.
26 Spending the afternoon keeping the house clean.

25 CC and her endless showering of love.
24 Having a little fan.
23 Nick's good timing in completing his bike ride across LW in perfect time.
22 Saint Anthony working his wonders.
21 Molly: "After going to these (community college) classes I just appreciate so much being homeschooled."  Yay!
20 Snuggling with Lilly to make me feel better after a bad dream.
19 Dream warnings.
18 Prayers in the middle of the night.
17 Mother child bond.
16 Working with Maria.
15 Listed! Wheels are on motion.
14 Spring is in the air. Windows open. Doors open. No one complaining.
13 A good day when friend worlds merge and everybody is happy.
12 Friends over with a kid for each of mine, happily means a day for myself.

11 Thankful for Lilly's guardian angel seeing she put the plastic end into the electrical outlet instead of metal end.
10 I'm in charge of how I feel today and I'm choosing happiness!!
Can I take over for you?" Thx Nick, just in time.
8 Busting butt to get house ready.
Is a confident optimist redundant?
6 Being married to an optimist
5 Listening to the kids enthusiasm about projects they're going to build when (ever) we move.
Living in a neighborhood full of dog lovers. No wonder my dogs love to escape for an adventure. They swim in the lake, get fed by a different neighbors, even got a bath this time, and then mom comes to pick them up when the party is over.
3  Lilly's prayer: "Thank you for ...everything, Jesus! Amen!!"
2 Lil: "What's your favorite color?... Now ask me what my favorite color...cause it's pink."
4501 Prayer of St. Ignatius Loyola - "Suscipe"
Take, O Lord, and receive my entire liberty, my memory, my understanding and my whole will. All that I am and all that I possess You have given me: I surrender it all to You to be disposed of according to Your will. Give me only Your love and Your grace; with these I will be rich enough, and will desire nothing more.

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