Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Best Friend Birthday Break

Ceci's friend Maggie turned 9, and we  celebrated her day with family and friends. Euly wanted the girls to celebrate with a dress up party princess style. She planned activities around this theme, brought Maggie a crown, presented it to her in royal fashion on a lace pillow and helped the girls play dress. She also decided to take pictures. I like the twelve year old's perspective of the day.
Lilly, almost ready to go in her Costco dress I was saving for spring

 So much fun to celebrate birthday with friends: 

and the girls were good to include Lilly in the fun:
decorating with balloons...
 bothering (embarrassing?) the boys...

 spending time with friends

 keeping it silly..
and getting serious with an artsy angle shot.

(I love the wallpaper and matching bedcovers in Maggie's room).
The dresses were made for a Maggie birthday party two/three? birthdays back by Maggie's older sister, Ali, who is now off at college. We were glad they still fit the girls.

And just what were the moms up to? What else? Yacking and snacking, having a fun girl time visit ourselves.

Have a beautiful birthday, sweet little Maggie!

 you and your happy royal entourage.

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  1. So many lovely girls in those pictures :)

    Catherine Vargas
    Vintage Girls