Friday, February 28, 2014

7 Friday Quick Takes about getting kids to talk and a favorite park

1 There is a crazy park in the town over from us that could have been designed by army men. No frills, all serious equipment with a park wide obstacle course designed and built with heaps of old tires and wooden structures with moving and floating walkways, shaking balance beans, and other challenging creations.

2 Euly was a little blue about something and Nick suggested we make a visit to that park. I didn't make the connection that he knew it was a happy place for them when they wanted to work hard and burn off unhappy feelings. What a sensitive brother!

3 This shot inspired me it was time to pray the Angelus. 

4  I got to thinking of ways to get the middle kids to talk to me more often about their thoughts and feelings. These two are pretty close and spend a lot of time together. When one sits down with me with a problem, it's many times after they've discussed it with the other. I'm thankful for sibling friendships! I don't want mommy guilt to tug at me about trying to be all their closest confidants. I am glad they have a confidant, especially one I know and trust. 

Front seat priveledges are best way to get one to talk to me, unfortunately that coveted spot in the car is for the oldest child present. Non negotiable. Kid created and enforced. A right of passage. May not always be the child who needs to talk.

I have find other opportunities for chit chat. Working on a project together (that isn't math), is a good time for talk, like cooking, but even better is time set apart for sketching or other art mediums. Hands busy, mind free, talks happen.

6 After home from the park, Ceci asked me to go for a walk, (I usually take an evening walk with Molly, she was out with friends). I am so happy that I said yes. The shortest loop is three miles, Ceci was up for it. She talked The. Whole. Walk. about all kinds of things, past, present, future, here, there...
She asked if I liked going with her as much as going with Molly. Of course I did!  Ceci was charged with enthusiasm the rest of the evening from our time together. Filled my heart too.

7 Another sure way to get them to talk, to sit on their beds at bedtime, or even snuggle with then for a few minutes to see if they want to talk about anything that's on their mind. The time before sleep is a special time. 

Got any sure fire ways you get yours talking about what's on their minds? 

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!


  1. I am really in need of these ideas as I have three younger children who overwhelm all the demands, and I don't want to lose connection with my oldest, who's self-sufficient.

    Btw, that looks like an awesome park. :)

  2. Great ideas for talking! And I can't wait to get to that park with you guys!