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Three things I love about children and sacraments

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1. Preparation
Sacrament years are my favorite years in homeschooling because we put religion first. I know we always should, but in sacrament years, we do. Usually there is more pressing needs for memorization as they will be interviewed by a priest or have some kind of testing. So we start our days and finish our days studying catechism and other aspects of our faith.

The discussions of faith are the most interesting and delightful conversations I have with my children. Open, trusting, thirsty souls. The questions concerning our eternal happiness grab their attention and enthusiasm unlike any other subject. 

This year has been sacrament prep for two for Confirmation. The ceremony was scheduled quicker than I expected and the kids were surprised with a test and interview sooner than they were ready. They were interviewed and discussed their understanding of the basic concepts of Confirmation with our priest. To their (and my) great relief, they both passed. What an experience in maturity to have these conversations. 

2 Memory 
Memorizing Catechism Q & A is very good for the memory of a child. We persist throughout the years in learning catechism questions, but more so when preparing for a sacrament. The idea is if ever pressed for their faith, these Q&A should be in their hearts forever. They learn the framework of our beautiful Catholic faith to build on for their lifetime. As a bonus, they learn a rich vocabulary steeped in meaning, and will also aid when taking the standardized placement tests.

We have special times together as we prepare. We do crafts (during prep for Penance and First Communion), read more spiritual books, and pray together learning more prayers relating to the sacrament and enriching their spiritual mental library.

Nick's anointing of the Holy Spirit by Cardinal DiNardo
in our parish's traditional Latin Confirmation rite.
Taken by my friend Linda

3 The Memories
Well, the actual ceremony for my children's sacraments are Grace filled days of celebrating not only their hard work in preparation and family and friends together but also feeling the envelopment of God's Graces through the sacraments.

Like my wedding day and the births of my children, sacrament days have a singularly special place in my heart and memory.

I'd love to hear your favorite things about your children's sacraments, preparation and ceremonies.

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