Thursday, January 16, 2014

Theme Thursday - Craft

Cari's Theme Thursday - link up at Clan Donaldson - Today's Theme - Craft

At her museum science day, the "weather teacher" taught Ceci's class about bubbles, how to make them and different ways to play with and spent time blowing bubbles. Ceci came home with a few supplies and wanted to make more bubbles (she said her shampoo with water would work). She got it all ready, then reenacted the fun she had in class.

We enjoyed the bubble fun so much that I forgot to ask the connection to the weather. Maybe there wasn't one needed because the weatherman got the weather perfect this week!

it was so thick, it looked plastic-y

Ceci's favorite characteristic of these bubbles: the way they held together when she shook the straw and yarn frame up and down.

My precious child, lovingly crafted by God.

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  1. Just curious how much shampoo to water did you use? That looks like fun, though we have freezing weather again so it might have to wait until spring for us!

    1. Ceci was not terribly precise: looked like about a quarter cup kiddie shampoo to about a cup water.
      She said in class they used this:
      1 cup Warm Water
      4 Tablespoons Dish Soap
      2-3 drops vegetable oil

  2. That look like a lot of fun. =)

  3. What great bubbles, but wait, I notice a tank top in the photo - that must mean it is warm where you are at! Enjoy it, we're freezing up here :)

    1. It is warm, the weather has been beautiful. We probably will get more winter here, but cold weather doesn't hang out long. She changed because didn't want to spill soapy bubbles on her clothes.

  4. Precious. The photos and the girl.