Thursday, January 23, 2014

Theme Thursday: Catching People Unawares

jan-feb schedule

Lilly suddenly became strong enough to open the freezer and help herself to the ice cream, catching me unawares.

A winter storm is coming in today, threatening to storm with snow flurries in the morning. 
Perfect weather to sit snuggled under pillows on the couch to listen to and discuss our current literature read aloud.

Our current story inspires memories and stories from these two sillies.

This one is just listening in for something to do between her other classes. 


  1. Oh the ice cream! That must have been a good time for her :)

  2. Oh Blue Bell, I miss Blue Bell ice cream. The banana ice cream with vanilla wafer chunks in it? That was my favorite. Lilly looks mighty proud of herself. I love that you do read aloud as a group. We do that, but we're still a group of 3 so it's not as fun I imagine.