Saturday, January 11, 2014

Confirmation Day

I consciously decided today I would not take pictures, others were assigned, so I sat back and relaxed and enjoyed the day. I hope to add more here once people share their pics with me.
This is all I got, Max took the ones below.
Two soldiers for Christ
The confirmation ceremony was beautiful. Cardinal Daniel DiNardo officiated his first Traditional Confirmation in Latin. He did a great job with the Latin and the ceremony. It was beautiful! 

He interviewed the candidates before the ceremony, asking questions and helping them get to know him a little. They were nervous and quiet. I love to listen to his talks with the kids, and I love to listen to his sermons. He is very charismatic speaker, a scholar and a man of deep faith. Even if the kids answered a question correctly, he would enlighten and deepen their understanding of the subject. 

The most memorable part of his talks during the ceremony, for me, is his talk with the sponsors. First time I heard it, I was a sponsor. He asks the kids why they picked their sponsors. They respond with a variety of reasons. Then he turns to the sponsors and instructs they walk the walk of faith, like when they walked in, or walked to the bishop for confirmation. And that they pray for them every day of their lives. So when life gets hard for these kids and they are faced with making the tough decisions, that they know at least some one will be praying for them every single day

Confirmation is beautiful. The sacrament, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the ceremony. 
A beautiful day!


  1. What an apt reminder to the confirmation sponsors. Should the confirmand and his sponsor lose touch in the future (but hopefully not!) there is still that bond of prayer.

    Beautiful pictures of happy faces... congratulations!