Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes on Cold Weather

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about FitBit, couch rejection, and an important lesson about letting your spouse know if you leave pipe valves open

1. In south eastern Texas, we either 
don't take cold weather seriously since the weather itself doesn't, for very long anyway. It will threaten and get cold; low twenties the last storm, but then in matter of days, or even that same day, it's back in the 70's pretending like nothing ever happened. So we just deal with it because it will be pleasant by afternoon.

Or ... we go crazy, panic and hope all is called off: school, work, etc. 
I had appointments scheduled for the morning that were cancelled since everybody is worried about the weather. It is just under freezing, but it rained, so they are really afraid of driving in icy conditions, and since it's such a rare condition, only a few drivers know how to manage, so it's best the rest stay home safe. 

2. Or the current hysteria and over reaction may just be a ploy to get a day off. Unless we have a hurricane, we don't often have weather that closes the schools. It's almost like the decision makers think wink wink nudge nudge: it's worth making the call, even if the weather isn't all that bad. 
Apparently this time is bad enough for local road closures.  

3. Contrary to my previous belief: Mock fireplaces actually put out some heat. The beautiful ambiance makes it worth chopping wood flipping the switch once a year.

4.  My husband just returned from a business trip visiting Iowa with a temperature of minus 23. Like what...55 degrees below freezing!?! This is when Fahrenheit does not make any sense to me. Freezing, below freezing to negatives..crazy. Just colder than imaginable, just say, stay inside weather or you die. Crazy.

5. One strange thing about the winters we spent in Michigan was seeing the mailman did deliver the mail in all kinds of weather. He trudged along on foot delivering our mail through a little slot in the door, so we could stay warm and toasty, while he froze! 

6. Tropical landscaping that we have had growing for years will not make it through this winter. I'm not surprised when I lost my hibiscus and hydrangeas. My palm tree hung on through the earlier cold snaps, but might not recover from this last one. 

7. Saw this from a local talk show guy. He nailed it for Houston:

There have to be other things to worry about besides frozen pipes and keeping our pets inside. Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee? Yep.

Have a happy Friday and keep warm, my friends!


  1. I think our weather got mixed up, Mary! We are supposed to have what you are having, every January. Instead we are hanging out in the high fifties, low sixties. Almost 31 days of sunshine and warmth.

    Our nights are below that cannot compare to usual Texan weather in January.

    Thank goodness we have lots of chopped wood for our REAL fireplace ;)

    1. Jealous over how cozy that real fireplace must be :)
      but not the temps that require it. 31 days of sunshine are good wherever you are!