Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What We Are Reading Wednesday

We are three books into the Green Knowe series and my two middles aged kids, 14 and 12, are both enjoying the stories engagingly told by Lucy Boston; her estate home is a central figure in  the stories.  Hemingford Grey, dates back to 1130 and upon restoring the maner, she discovered mysteries and secrets of the house's past, inspiring her stories of nine centuries of family life in and around the home.

The Children of Green Knowe
by L.M. Boston
I mentioned earlier on the blog when we found this new-to-me series. The kids and I really enjoyed this book. Young Tolly visits his great grandmother at her old estate for a Christmas break and spends the holidays getting to know her, the house, it's many secrets and family history. Old family relations (died centuries ago) become his playmates as he learns his family history living adventures from the past in the present in the past..? It is hard to describe without making it sound like a ghost story, while they do believe in ghosts, it's more the honoring and imagining the previous centuries' family members' existence.  Is it make believe or a real encounter? Either way it wasn't a scary like a ghost story,  just imagination provoking.

Nick and Euly begged me to start on the next book, which we quickly read:
Treasure of Green Knowe.
I preread when I had time to myself and really enjoyed it. The author does a great job of pulling the reader into the story. I love the grandmother's relationship with Tolly, just as person to person, no distance because of age. Boston makes the grandmother into such a charming and playful young soul, Tolly was so fortunate to have in his life. The family from back in time had their own mystery to share with Tolly and his time. A previous relation, Susan, had her story revealing itself to Tolly. Susan was blind but didn't let that stop her courageous and adventuring sprit. I like this story better than the first. This is the story the movie From Time to Time (on netflix) is mostly based on with some plot changes. (and some from the cast of Downton Abbey).

We've just finished The River at Green Knowe 
and it captivated us as well. Boston's storytelling, this time with different characters helped us fall in love the the surroundings area outside Green Knowe, beautiful nature to enjoy and plenty of secrets.  No time traveling relations, but plenty of mystery surrounded the house and places the river leads them to explore. All enjoyable so far, there are three more in the series we to look forward to reading.

For history we read
Turquoise Rosary by L.V. Jacks. 
An out of print Catholic Banner/Catholic Treasury Series book.

Why would I recommend a book that's out of print and hard to find? The Catholic Banner series are worth the time and investment to add to a Catholic family's library to have available to read authentic good Catholic stories and really to save these books!

Look for them at amazon or Abe.com or just around locally for these great finds. 
We enjoy Catholic Banner books more than the more known, and back in print, Vision books. CB books were probably written for a slightly younger age reader than Vision; they are well told stories.

The Turquoise Rosary fit for into our study of Texas history. Walter sets on a quest to find his father, who had set off earlier to get established in the new Republic of Texas. Walter travels with a missionary priest,  Father Claude Dubuis, who later become the second bishop of Texas. Father Dubuis was a French missionary priest who worked tirelessly to build new churches and take care of those in his flock back when there was one diocese for the whole state of Texas.

These  adventures in the wilds deal with lawless people, Indians and solving the mystery if what happened to Walter's father.

This story especially hit a spot with us as we are building a new parish in Texas. Like Fathet Dubuis, we are starting with little funds, sweat of our hard working priest and other men of the parish who give their time to build something that will last through the centuries and honor God in a similarly special way.

Thanks to Jessica for hosting - go visit for more book inspirations. 


  1. I read The Children of Green Knowe years ago, but had no idea that it had sequels. I'm glad to know now! (I'm childishly chuckling about "know now about Knowe").

  2. HOW DID I MISS THIS? Books for teens and tweens! OMG! It's like I just found a buried treasure!