Thursday, December 19, 2013

Theme Thursday - Dreaming x2

Theme Thursday - over at Clan Donaldson

Yesterday Craig had time for some dreaming. We spent all the afternoon hours in his truck driving around, looking at properties, dreaming about getting more land, asking ourselves how far out would be a reasonable commute, how far out could we keep a semblance of our lives now? How much land would be good, what would we want to do?

Dreams, dreamy dream dreams.

This is the entrance to the easement to a rather large tract a rather large distance from where we live now.
Shot from inside the truck.
I am a sucker for rolling hills.
I love shopping for land, dreaming about all the what-could-be's and spending time with my sweetheart, but I'll be honest, I get a little nervous on the actual "let's do it" part.

We entertained these dreams last April to the west, and that didn't come true so now our dreaming is taking us a little north...and a little further, and a little more further... it is fun to shop.

So, to the other kind of dreaming going on around here.
 Because of Ceci, my house is very cheery and bright for the season, and I'll think we're done til she reminds me of something I hadn't yet pulled out of the attic. 

She's dreaming of a happy Christmas.


  1. Oh, the bottom shot of your daughter and the tree is perfect. What a beauty and a great captured moment.

  2. Beautiful piece of land! I pray that you find your dream home.......I love my two little acres.....with my fantastic 360 views. Christmas Blessings!