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{phfr} Visiting the Birth Place of Texas

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We visited Barrington Farms and Washington on the Brazos with our friends. We were the only visitors and had great docents and tour guides that answered all our questions and spent so much time with us. 


Texas is a state proud of her heroes and independent history, being our own Republic before coming into the Union. 
Barrington Farms is the former home of the fourth and last president of the Republic of Texas: Dr. Anson Jones.
(In picture held:)
The parlor

The master bedroom

A typical period place setting. Don't you love the fork?!

Sweet trundle bed, doll and quilt.

Homeschooled kids!

Trying out games

Feeding chickens grass

Unrefrigerated meat locker with salt water brined pork butchered here this past January. It is a living farm as if it is still 1850.

Playing at washing clothes


All the girls' hard work:

Apparently pork was on the menu most meals in the mid 1800's

Slave quarters

Independence Hall
Where the Declaration of Independence from Mexico was signed, and the Constitution of the Republic was drafted while the Battle of Alamo and The Goliad Massacre occurred, and the Battle of San Jacinto ended the war a month later. 

The Brazos River

A nice day spent with our good friends (that Lilly considers to be included in her list of cousins).
That's Nick on the top of the hill with Lilly on his shoulders.
Happy also because my older kids help with my younger kids to lighten my load.

Bois d'arc or bodark or horse apples.
I haven't seen one of these in a long time
and forgot how sticky they were.

This place was the capital of Texas at one time, a growing city. The town  made the fateful decision not to pay to have the railroad come through town. 
Now there is no town, 
but thankfully, we have a beautiful state park. 

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  1. I remember visiting this place when I was little. I takes me back to see the photos!