Friday, December 13, 2013

Counting Gifts

4400 "Euly is always the first one to offer someone help." Nice words about my girl.
4399 "I love you mom," always accompanied by a hug, many times a day. So thankful.
4398 Celebrating Molly's good school progress.
4397 "I can see you."

4396 "I want to be a princess and Nick will be a pince."- Lil
4395 Passing the scrutiny of a college adviser's review of Molly's transcript with a fine tooth comb. extraordinary admit- positives and negatives.
4394 Hanging out at college reading a book, waiting, waiting...Familiar long ago dejavu.
4393 Feasts for Mary
4392  Lazin' around selfies

4391 Euly's pet sitting getting business.
4390 St Andrew Christmas novena prayer:

Hail and blessed be the hour and moment 
in which the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary, 
at midnight, in Bethlehem, in piercing cold.  
In that hour, vouchsafe, O my God, to hear my prayer and grant my desires,
 through the merits of Our Saviour Jesus Christ, and of His Blessed Mother. Amen
4389 Candied pecans.

4388 Beautiful and now she can see better.
new glasses
4387 Early afternoon trail walk date
4386 Playing with friends after mass

4385 Prayer novenas with thousands of other people including my extended family.

4384 Three classes singing her honor:
Immaculate Mary, beautiful music with children's voices drifting down the halls.
4383 Nick helping Euly know what to study.
4382 For those who make a big deal out of a season and for those who don't. 
4381 Painting their own style, seeing them blossom.

4380 December bees

4379 Painting gifts

4378 Winter roses

1377 Planning Christmas gift lists

4376 Molly trying to help the little girls go to bed.
4375 "Pterodactyls will always fly and Pluto will always be a planet to me"- Molly
4374 Getting close to a year long goal.
4373 Nap time when it's cold outdoors and warm and snug indoors.
4372 The end of the semester is close.
4371 Talented people sharing their time.
4370 "I miss Bernadette. He was such a good cat. And a good dog too." - exactly!
4369 Innocence.
4368 Ceci manicure party.
4367 Dedicated soccer players.
4366 Craig's oatmeal on cold morning.
4365 Cc's love for the village.
4364 Visiting the birthplace of Texas.
4363 Not letting the cold stop our walks together.
4362 Comforting my girls. 
4361 My Sweetness making breakfast for me.
4360 House smelling of crock pot roast.

4359 Candy + shoes = happy St Nick day.

4358 Rearranging to the girls satisfaction.
4357 Mandela quote:
"Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies." 4356 St Nick mystery surprise gift
4355 What if God made every people's skin colored like horses? Spotted, half and half, solid...
4354 I've missed you Double Lake!
Trail finally dry enough to walk.

4353 Texas
4352 Happy his commute from work is a walk from the back yard today.
4351 Learning about saints to pick a special one for Confirmation.
4350 Finding a gift my husband will love. Fun surprise.
4349 A glowing monstrance;
Helping me find face of Jesus.

4348 For my eye doctor letting me play with my prescription.
4347 Time alone with Jesus. 
4346 The magic of watching electric trains, even better, to control them.
4345  Weird conversations overheard:
"Lilly do you have a booty?"
"Yes, and mom has a biiiiig booty."
4344 "Can you talk," Lil to Craig
"I want to talk about your dad."
"About JR?" 
4343 "There is a monster. Quick! Hide in my cave!" (-her blanket)
4342 Concern and prayers for my teeth health.
4341 Willing to fight the good fight for purity.
4340 Family
4339 Thanksgiving menu planning, including a success:

4338 Pain relief.
4337 My own chauffeur for the day.
4336 Loyal dogs.
4335 Waking up to rain drops outside my window.
4334 Lingering smells of good food;
Making house home.
4333 Learning the hard lesson of putting off to tomorrow what should have been done today.
4332 Heavenly back rubs and neck rubs.
4331 Lilly to snuggle with. Comfort for
me. Comfort for her.
4330 Root canal restoration success!
4329 Taking time to eat well.
4328 Truck rescue in the deluge with my hero- the best dad!
4327 Trying to remember to offer it up.
4326 Lilly friendliness.
4325 Importance of speaking English to welcome us.
4324 Girls making Mary happy for her birthday.
4323 Max's friend rescuing him so I didn't have to drive so far.
4322 My heart finally slowed down after Rylan call for help!
4321 That Rylan's call for help was just to stop a air stop assault..And no one was hurt. 
4320 After saying a prayer, Lilly lifted her hand out, "I just high fived God."
4319 Guys bday weekend. Missing me.
4318 Jesse tree ornament exchange.
4317 Reading aloud to my kids leads up to the best naps.
4316 Hot gumbo on cold and rainy night.
4315 "Mom thank you for making those, they are so yummy in my tummy."
Silly gal
4314 Molly and I missing the guys on their guys bday weekend, so we watched guy action movies together.
4313 Lilly - no cavities and the perfect most willing dental patient ever!
4312 Watching young awkward scouts grow into confident responsible young men. Board of reviews provide great insight.
4311 Recharter signed off and done for another year.
4310 Seeing a weight lifted from Nick's shoulders and confidence replace the anxiety.
4309 The last or second to last merit badge before Eagle.
4308 Assigning books for the kids to read while I'm gone.
4307 Coming back five minutes later to both girls snoring.
4306 A doctor who gives hugs after saying a prayer and wishing us both luck!
4305 "Have those spiritual conversations."
4304 "To be Catholic means to be counter cultural."
4303 Fantasmagorical. Watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
4302"Hi, I'm Lilly Rose, what is  your name?" To everyone we meet.
4301 Molly bringing me hot coffee to the soccer game. Thoughtful daughter.


  1. Okay, feeling like a dummy, but a triumphant one. I haven't been reading your blog long enough to know what you were doing, but then I was like, "Counting gifts of grace!"

    1. Well I started this just to have a place to record "gifts" two years ago (to not be lost on my phone) then turned into a place to keep any thought, picture or memory I wanted to keep, but the blog name stuck.
      Thanks for visiting :)