Thursday, December 12, 2013

A pretty happy OLG

Happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

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I put the tree up (second year on our first time ever artificial tree).
It went up easy, no mess no fuss. 
Maybe missing the aromatic smell of pine, but someone promised a candle to take care of that.
The only thing on it so far are the ornaments the girls made over the past few months.
Home made, well, home painted ornaments
starters from hobby lobby

A dozen days into counting down to Christmas with homemade ornaments on the Jesse Tree.
Ceci loves to remind me every day to read the scripture verses while she places the ornament on our tree, and tell everyone what they all stand for later.

The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a favorite of ours. 
December is a busy month for celebrating feast days, with Nick's on Dec. 6 and Eulalia's on Dec.10.
The girls usually do some artwork and we discuss the miracle of the original miraculous tilma worn by Juan Diego and painted by God so long ago.
I love Steven Kellmeyer's explanation in his small book Artfully Teaching the Faith. 
Their coloring renditions get better each year.


This little bit of sunshine breaks out in song on any inspiration.
She's fun and funny, 

A dozen of my favorite cookies boxed up  for our neighbor who is having surgery today. 
Euly is taking care of their dog and will sneak these goodies into their house to welcome them home later today.

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  1. I KNOW Steve Kellmeyer--at least I used to! He and his (then) fiancé used to hang out at my apartment with another friend and watch movies. But I didn't know he wrote that book, it looks good! I will have to check it out! Happy Feast Day!

    1. Not surprised to hear that, you are very well connected! :D
      The chapter on OLG is my favorite and very well done, a nice small book, packed with great information.

  2. All of these were lovely. Ornaments, beautiful children's artwork, and peanut butter chocolate cookies. The best.