Friday, December 13, 2013

7 Friday Quick Takes

This advent, I've been meditating on humility and I came across this humility test.
The humble soul says, “Here I am Lord; send me,” and then works patiently and gladly. It was humility that made Mary say, “Let it be done to me according to thy will.”

I have a quote from Father Vv running in my head regarding pride from a couple years ago, something like
Insults and humiliations will come, but a sign of our virtue is how quickly we recover.
Good to ponder. 

A favorite of Lilly's- Unbreakable nativity sets. Don't all kids love to play with Christmas crèche? We have several sets around the house. We added this Melissa and Doug set last year. Pieces do fall over easily, but hasn't been frustrating for Lilly. 
plus we won't lose baby Jesus, he is hidden on the under side of the manger. 

My two college kids are done with classes for the semester and as it changes their routines it changes the balance around the house to have them playing around with time on their hands that they aren't used to having.  They are happy, relieved and playful. It is very nice.

We are planning on taking a quick trip to Burnet to visit a Bethlehem village tonight but the forecast for rain is 70%. I'm nervous about it; it's a long drive to find out it was cancelled. I really don't want to get started on how disappointed and thrown off I am by this Texas weather. We normally play winter for a few days during the whole "winter" season. Now, my forecast has temps in the 30's for another week. What. Is. This?  I'm thinking we should go ahead and invest in gloves, scarves, hats, coats for everyone which normally never get worn at all. Most friends of mine transplanted from the north think this is heavenly... I am one who does not. If I want winter, I'll go drive north to find it. 

Thank a volunteer or anyone in service today. They take a lot of lip from people who don't realize or just don't care how damaging and demoralizing their words can be.

This Sunday is Gaudete Sunday. Rejoice in the Lord always!   

Thanks to Jen for hosting -

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  1. My parents had a great unbreakable Nativity set in our house growing up: it was actually done in needlework, in yarn, over plastic canvas. It was great! I have so many memories of playing with it as a kid.