Sunday, November 24, 2013


Outside my window...the weather has been crazy extremes lately making us debate turning the AC back on after heat, until this weekend brought in the cold and rainy air. It makes me want to have hot chocolate and a nap.

The kids Saturday soccer games continued despite the weather, with Ceci playing in the cold and rain, and me, valiantly cheering from the sidelines trying to stay dry and warm. Okay, Ceci deserves the valiant compliment since she played as if the weather was perfect.

I am hoping...we don't go too long without sunshine. I am missing the sun and our bright blue skies already. I am not one of those homeschoolers we get burned out in the winter months, usually, to endure the ugly winter days, we get comfortable and cozy and get more work done since nature isn't calling us outdoors. November, December and January are the months I find we get more reading done together. I love to read; read aloud, read for myself, read about others places, read familiar stories, read new stories. So there is a upside to all this outside dreariness.

I am thinking... we are finally ready to start and follow through with a Jesse tree this year. We participated in a Jesse tree ornament exchange with our homeschool group, So fun! It was a little like Christmas: getting 23 new ornaments crafted by others in return for two my girls did:

Ceci's brick wall for "Return to Promised land"
Euly's Globe for "Creation"

I am praying and perseverance of family and friends.

I am creating...Advent chain for Sunday school kids. I have the best class this year! The kids are engaged and so happy to have an advent chain to take home with them today. It makes me so happy to see them skip out of class to show their parents.

I am reading... A new to me series starting with The Children of The Green Knowe. We are half way through the first book and are trying to see if it should be classified as a ghost story, it's isn't scary...just mysteriously imaginative..may be a good way to describe it...? Reality/fantasy/ are enjoying it so far, and I was delighted to find a movie series based on the books, one with some of the same actors from Downton: From Time to Time... (let me know if it is good). We will hold off on watching until we are done with the books. 
Isn't it fun to find a new books series?! 
The BBC also made the books into a series..this is just like the book so far, except Nicholas disagrees with what Toseland looks like. 

I am watching...a video of George W Bush with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. Don't we all miss him? I read that some of his artwork is available for purchase. I though his comment about not commenting on Obama was straightforward and classy:
"I don't think it's good for the country to have a former president criticize his successor."

I am listening to...Molly's currently favorite group: Twenty One Pilots. All the girls have favorites, so they play DJ while I drive the car. Little pics Wee Sing America when she has her turn.

I am looking forward to...seeing everyone for Thanksgiving!!

A favorite quote/verse/prayer for today...

A peek into my day...Ceci getting ready to start the soccer game.

Something interesting shared on show and encourage my violin and viola players. Beautiful.
We're thinking maybe their orchestra can do something like this with Canon in D in one of their upcoming performances...

Happy Thanksgiving week to you, and wishing that you enjoy your company, turkey and sweets!


  1. The Children on Green Knowe, that sounds really interesting! Looking for a read aloud for over the break, thanks!

    1. We are really enjoying it. I really want to peg the genre, now I'm thinking fantasy/imaginary friends of deceased family members but in a playful way...? I usually preread, and didn't this one.
      I have one kid who gets scared fairly easily, but she keeps asking for the next chapter. I found four of them on Abe from same seller, so we'll have enough to keep going this week.