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Counting Gifts: Thankful November and second blogging anniversary of Counting Gifts

I started counting gifts in November 2011, and worried that my gift notes could be lost if my phone app crashed, which it does on occasion, so I thought I'd try blogging to keep up with these random little memories, prayers and tidbits of other things I wanted to have saved for me when I need it, and share with anyone interested.
{Hi Mom!} I've enjoyed creating this page, this journal of my life, our lives, trying to keep me focused on the positive when life hands me more than I think I can handle with a smile.

God is good all the time, and with reflection I do see I am always cared for, in case I didn't see it right away. I have been asked to mature, and roll with the punches, and been given new opportunities daily to give myself another chance.

This blog thing: I've developed a deep admiration for others who share their lives, and inspire readers from their corners of the world through their words and photography. I'm been blessed and inspired all the more to meet some bloggers in real life. There is good out on the internet, out in the world,  it can be found. And it's comforting to know good people living their lives, raising their children, striving for their souls and their futures and for the good of our country.

I made it past the initial 1000, now over 4000. The numbers are meaningless, I plan on keep going, adding to little things that make me smile, laugh or ponder.

I'd encourage you to do the same, take time to keep a list of things you are thankful for, gifts of grace from God. These will add to the memories of the little things that changed and enriched your life that could otherwise go unnoticed.

4300 With big bright eyes:
"It's mording. Me still tired."
Me too.
"You three Ceci?"
4299 Taking a day off.
Accepting educational and life choices
I made for my children, for better or worse.
4298 Being forgiven for my birthday insanity.
4297 Lil: "I'm just sooo nervous." "Do you mean excited?" " Yes, I'm so excited I'm nervous!" At 3..!
4296 Time to myself at soccer practice: do I read, listen to music, make a phone call? 
4295 The girl's artwork given to me as a gift

4294 Ceci confidently reading Hop on Pop
4293 hearing from Max on his field trip

4292 Girls independently cooking meals; so helpful to add to the rotation of meals.
4291 Feeling so proud of my kids for being themselves and talking to me about their lives.
4290 Feeling peace amid the storm.
4289 Any excuse for sushi lunch date.
4288 He's still a kid at heart:

4287 My crazy family
4286 That tiresome, troublesome, old excursion, at least it gave me warning, and didn't leave me stranded.
4285 Craig's plane landing in the minute I need him to talk to Jeremy about the water pump.
4284 Good cars guys that didn't talk to me like I was dumb.
4283 Smoothie escape with Ceci.
4282 Forgiving understanding friendships.
4281 Getting the kids back on track for school today.
4280 Venison in our back yard,  ooops just kidding,  I meant deer,
Look at the pretty, peaceful, harmless yummy deer:

4279 Trying to break thru the fourths ones exterior.
4278 Kids all aglow after playing with their friends. Yay great neighbors!
4277 Experiment of natural hygiene, proud of her open mind and brave heart.
4276 Evening walks and talks with Molly.
4275 Molly's work ethic: hearing her leave sooooo early to babysit.
4274 Nick as DJ. He knows what songs to play to keep a driver happy.
4273 Chocolate kiss and peanuts together in my mouth.
4272 Lil's: "Peas with Pringles on top."
Is translated as
"Please, with sprinkles on top." 
4271 Slowing down the schedule
4270 "My not mad at you. My happy to you."-Lil
I'm not correcting pronouns used improperly because it's so stinking cute!
4269 Prayers for courage: Felt!
4268 Train horn blast hello from black jeep
4267 Texas ladies' funny sayin's:
"You can eat ice cream out of his dimples."
4266 "Cc, my don't like being angry, so I'm happy with you."
4265 Having Max to hang out with me today.
4264 Little gifts of kindness.
4263 My strong brave husband protecting me from an aggressively charging dog.
4262 Seeing Sue on our walk. 
4261 Quick visit to reconnect.
4260 Snuggling and hearing all about what's in his heart.
4259 Young love blossoming brings happy smiles and a youthful glow.
4258 Phone calls with Kathy; planning slumber party with my sister and niece and my daughters and me. 
4257 Silly happy Max.
4256 Craig missing the deer from nowhere while driving.
4255 Scary stories told in back seat with a flash light.

4254 Lil:
He was... He was...  "Bless-you-ing"
You mean sneezing?
Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thine intercession was left unaided.
Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my mother; to thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me.


4252 Prayerful reminders and resources like this.
4251 Matt 17:21
"This kind does not leave but by prayer and fasting."

4250 A prayer to a sweet saint, patron of Dentists and dental patients:
O glorious Apollonia, may our good teeth reflect also the moral life we are living. How useless it is to enjoy a good dental health when our moral life is going down due to our sins. You lost all your teeth, but you were a shining light. May the whiteness of our teeth be a reflection of our virtues and values that shine before others as light and example to be followed. Amen.

St. Apollonia, pray for us.

4249 ~ Sandra Kring  
"To let go of what is lost, even though letting go is painful.To reach for what can be, even when we’re doubtful. To live as though we’re brave, even when we’re fearful. These are the trials we face, and the choices we make along the path to joy."

4248 A day without spanx.
4247 Good dental insurance and a husband who works so hard for me and our kids.
4246 Family prayer circle of passionate empathizes 
4245 Carol's dentist.
4244 Lilly running to bring me a flashlight to take on my night walk to keep me safe. She loves me.
4343 My kids think it's normal to run out at night to go pray at the cemetery for souls this week.  We love the liturgical year!
4242 Made first step and went to dentist, so happy they fit me in fast.
4241 Making the most of insomnia.
4240 Running into people we know when out running errands...wait, did we get settled?
4239 Caught me a big silly girl. "Are you happy with me? I'm happy with you?"

4238 Biggest bubble gum bubble?  No, a big balloon and one silly girl.

4237 Prayer for humility
O Father, give us the humility which realizes its ignorance,
Admists its mistakes, reconizes its need, welcomes advicel
Accepts rebuke. Help us always to praise rather than to criticize,
To sympathize rather than to discourage, to build rather than to destroy,
And to think of people at their best rather than at their worst.
This we ask for in thy names sake.

4236 Backlog of interesting books to read.
4235 Hearing about Max's scuba adventures, "Are all of your childhood dreams coming true?"
4234 Seeing Nick rise to the occasion.
4233 Kids love my chili.

4232 Painless broken tooth.
4231 Celebrating the full liturgy in the traditional Latin Mass.
4230 Cheering for others successes. 
4229 Beautiful blessing from priest to heal Ceci's poison ivy and how good it looked the next day.
4228 New Testament rules are Love.
Love is all it's about.
4227 9pm run to get the kids to cemetery to free souls from purgatory
4226 Confidence to stand my ground at committee mtg. Fighting for what is right!
4225 Making myself talk to people
4224 O'Brien generosity 
4223 Margaret telling me I am beautiful.
4222 Tears at the consecration
4221 A classroom visit from Daniel
4220 Girly giggles at nonsense jokes
4219 All saint Mass seeing friends we hadn't seen in a long time.
4218 Halloween rains stopped in time.
4217 Angel's prayer
4216 It passed in time to have a delightful Halloween evening with friends

4215 Girls willing to deal with pumpkin goo for the sake of art

4214 Pillowcase full of candy

The smells of Halloween candy all together 
4213 Lilly's expanding vocabulary
4212 Prompting and encouraging Ceci to take her medicine. She never let it slow her down or ruin her fun. Such a patient sufferer.
4211 Big sister sharing her good fortune (and fruit from hard work) with little sister, sweet!
4210 When a tree falls in the night...Thankful for minimal damage :)
4209 Something lost.  Something found.
4208 Win for the neighborhood gossip line
4207 Watching Euly's teammate help set her up to make a goal.
4206 Refreshing friendships when in a desert of hostility.
4205 "Here's your muffin pan, it's defective."
        "How is it defective?"
        "It's empty."
4204 Partners in crime with Margaret, fun to have a friend that gets me in trouble!
4203 Buyers remorse on trick candles...will there be pay back, will I be held the guilty party...?
4202 Big ole' chocolate sheet cake.
4201 Ceci telling me, assuring me, she will take care of me when I'm old.
 (after being inspired by a song).

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