Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Setting the table once our meal is over is almost as pretty to me at setting it to eat. 
When the cloth is back on the table it usually means the kitchen is back in order.

On my mantle this week thinking and praying for souls in purgatory.

We are starting to see a little color of fall in the back yard. Not much back there to turn anyway. The greens are vibrant with the daily deluge we've been getting. 

Windy storms leave lots of sticks to be picked up, 
and the girls love a big backyard fire
and happily clear the yard of sticks.

We lost a few trees and limbs and Nick's been helping the wood pile grow...

It's a good backdrop for his new sport, hatchet toss.
(my girls were safely inside)

It's soccer season around here. Cecilia is amazing out on the fields. She has a passion for it.

Cecilia is finally showing improvement over a very bad case of poison ivy on her face and arms. It just seems like in our family some either have no reaction or have a scary swollen reaction that lasts for weeks.

She handled it with such ease and only worried over the itching. The swelling had me more nervous. She asked for a blessing by a priest after mass this week who gave her a beautiful life-long blessing, then shared his poison ivy scars. It showed great improvement in the following days.

Mean plant... that poison ivy.

Still got Halloween candy? 
Oh my, hoping this stuff starts to disappear.

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  1. yes, we should give equal importance to setting the table AFTER meals... i hope your little girl will feel well soonest.