Wednesday, November 13, 2013

{almost Wordless Wednesday}

Another science museum day for the big kids, means another day for me to spend with just Lilly.  We love this time together with no one else to compete with for attention and have plenty of opportunity to talk and connect. 

I usually keep the plan open to whatever whim Lilly has.  We were late this visit from Houston traffic delays so we played around the museum and Lilly decided to ride the train. She greets everyone we pass with a hello and an introduction. Everyone. The man sitting next to us in the dining area, the ticket taker, the elderly couple walking past, the homeless guy napping at the train stop benches. She tried to politely wake him up with her hello's.

We got off the train at the playground and played on the swings and slides. It was a beautiful, windy, fall day. Water on the reflection pool had white capped waves with the wind. Lilly enjoyed the spay of the water on her face. 

Back at the museum waiting for her siblings, she was fascinated by the Zoltof fake fortune telling dude in a box. He's there every time, but this month the museum staff moved him in our way. You saw the movie Big, right? So everyone knows we are to stay 10 feet away from the creepy dude, not Lilly, she liked him. 

Me: No, Lilly, Zoltof is bad.
Lil: No, mom, he's my friend.

As is everyone!

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