Sunday, November 3, 2013

All Saints Day celebration

Sunday, we celebrated all Saints' Day with our local homeschool group at one of the family's farm. 
They generously open their home and ranch to over a hundred of homeschoolers to celebrate the feast of All Saints with so many wonderful activities:
All sizes of Saints in the Saint Parade,
Saints Themed Games with prayers,  lessons and prizes,
A hayride around the ranch,
and a great feast of pot luck dishes from all the families who came.

I marvel every year at how perfect the weather is for this day. Absolutely perfect in every way. It has me convinced it's just always beautiful on their ranch, spotted with Longhorns grazing, beautiful trees lining the creek, roosters, hens, turkeys and geese calling from their pins, goats grazing in the back pastures. Beautiful!

Lilly decided on our Queen of Heaven for her saint:

Can you guess Ceci's?
hint at the flames on her legs..
Brave Saint Joan of Arc

Euly picked her saint Eulalia for her saint,
a young Spanish martyr,
(and had debated St. Claire before St. Francis cut her hair).

 After the parade, the games begin:

Saint Sebastian Bowling
I had the opportunity to accompany Lilly at the games, since I had my table handled. What fun to see the creativity of the other families applying a saint theme to games! And to visit with friends along the way.

I must say Lilly, you learned a lot about patience and waiting in line especially when big kids didn't see you and took your turn. At the bowling game the man said "who's next." And your raised your hand and politely went up to him and told  him your full name and that you were pretending to be Mother Mary. Your three tries didn't knocked down a pin, but earned your prize anyway. I wondered if you'd throw it harder with your right hand. I was very proud of my big girl today. 

Saint Anthony Lost and Found

My girls manned the Face Painting Table with some of their friends:

st year's celebration of All Saints is here.

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