Friday, November 1, 2013

2013 Halloween

Half the fun of Halloween these past few years has been the last minute pressure on our creativity of coming up with something to "be."

We spent some years avoiding the whole Halloween thing, just concentrating on All Saints. Since we've moved to a neighborhood where the neighbors ask us to come by for trick or treating, we have embraced the fun of the day. We've always loved to dress up so we have lots of great things to choose from, well, for the younger girls. The older kids have to pull together anything they can.

Only, we are laaaaasssst minute. 

Last yesterday I thought about hay for the trailer. Hubby put lights down the side to help the kids see to get in and out, and a good remnant of Nick's Eagle project left rails along the sides of the trailer, making it a perfect hayride.
We spied some pumpkins on the way home from getting the hay, and the kids set to work making their own pumpkin art this year.
Molly's was great again, but I'm equally impressed with the excitement of the other kids to plunge in and get messy, and have a pumpkin to display. I didn't have to touch the gooey stuff. Molly toasted the seeds after they were done.
Every year, we have a couple of families join us, and we start the night with chili, as soon as it starts to get dark, we head off.

ok, get set, carve!

There are people in our neighborhood that love giving out candy and seeing the kids. Our neighborhood is spread out with large yards, we don't see a lot of our neighbors during the year. They come to the end of their long driveways and meet with other neighbors, while the kids drive up, walk or ride bikes. Our neighborhood trip is usually around 8 miles, done in an hour and half, so riding is best.

If people don't want to participate, they just don't. Easy, no "tricks' that I've ever seen.

Next year we've thinking of trying to plan a little a head and do a theme, thinking fairy tales or Mother Goose, knights and princesses, since that would fit what's currently in the dress up box... but I'm not sure that would be as fun as what they came up with on their own: 

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