Sunday, October 13, 2013


Outside my window...rainy, stormy, wet.
I said it was too ugly to go to the park, and my rain loving kids asked what I meant by "ugly"?!
So they decided the lake puddles in the back yard would be good enough fun.

Except Lilly thought it looked like the type of place an alligator would live.
Mid October - warm enough for swimsuits? Yep.

I am and friends.

In the kitchen...Max and Charlotte came up for a quick visit this weekend. Saturday the kitchen was a busy place with preparations for Craig's twice baked potato casserole and steaks. Lovely! With a sweet treat of apple melt that Charlotte made with cinnamon and brown sugar for dessert.

I am creating...Sunday school plans for this week. Ceci helped me by putting the project together. It is so helpful to have an eight year old consultant.

I am watching...a video to explain the national debt in terms of a household, chilling solution in the end.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Euly turns 12 this week! We will celebrate this beautiful young lady, while busy with scouts, soccer, science day, and getting ready for Nick's Eagle project on Saturday.

Something that made me chuckle..Max and I went on an outing with film cameras to test our photography skills sans digital. We stopped at beautiful places in the nearby countryside to take pictures in black and white and color to give his photo developing skills a try. We had a nice time visiting and looking at things differently. Unfortunately, his first roll broke and was overexposed to light, and he later had to tell me that my roll didn't work either. I told him it was all right since we had a great afternoon.

A peek into my day...fall soccer season started this weekend with games going simultaneously.

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