Sunday, October 20, 2013

Project work day

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful October fall day. Big blue sky, cool breezes. Delightful to be outdoors.

I had been watching the forecast, worried rain would slow or cancel Nick's project. Friday evening a storm rolled in and dumped a continuous rain for hours.  I would wake up and hear it still poring and think, "Oh, I hope it isn't raining at the property." But it was the type of storm that covered the large expanse that is Houston. 

Craig and Nick went early Saturday to check conditions, and with a forecast of a beautiful Saturday, decided to go ahead with the project in the sloppy mud. Every bit of ground was so saturated we slipped every where we walked. The ground was like an overfilled sponge. There were "freezing" cold puddles to trundged through and skate on shoes packed with inches of mud. The scouts were in great spirits, all happy to be out helping Nick. There was an atmosphere of cooperation and good joking comradary. One hundred twenty five shrubs to be planted. The boys predicted they would be done by lunch, and, happily, they were.

They were surprised by the animals on the property and especially excited to see     the friendly llamas come up.

Nick has a few things to finish up, and hopefully will have the project paperwork completed within a month.

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