Thursday, October 10, 2013

Theme Thursday - Double

Theme Thursday at Cari's

Thursday came fast this week...
I had to attend a class in Houston this morning, a rare outing all by myself, and made a few stops on my way home.

Ceci was on my mind all day. She usually checks on me during my time away from home. She misses me the most.

She loves me.

But today her dad kept her busy doing school work, I didn't hear from her once. She spent time this morning reading and working on spelling, and on my way home her dad reported that she had trouble with words that she does't usually have trouble with me. Maybe nerves.

I saw a couple of treats at my last stop and grabbed some lollipops as a last minute impulse purchase at the counter for the kiddos at home. I gave them to Ceci, the one who came out to welcome me home when she heard me pull up.

Ceci made sure everyone of her siblings had a share of the lollipops and sat with me talking about her morning, and listening to my crazy driving adventure all over town.

Meanwhile, Lilly had eaten her portion and decided she needed one more.
Ceci shared one of these last pops with her sister.

I love this girl.

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