Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Tallest Texan

View from the highway doesn't really give you and idea of the scale of this large tribute:

The pictures above are from our last visit to the Sam Houston Museum and statue in 2008.  

We visited again this week and I was marveling at how much my kids have grown and the family has changed.

Today we went with our friends and enjoyed a relaxed visit of the
museum grounds in Huntsville.

We are studying Texas history and finished reading a Landmark book about Sam Houston: The Tallest Texan by William Johnson.

Sam was an American hero long before leaving Tennessee for Texas with lots of mysteries including living with the Indians; becoming an official citizen of the Cherokees, speaking heir language and sometime helping relations between the Indians and Americans.

Not long in Texas, he was appointed to run the small military of volunteers to lead against a ruthless army twenty times in size. He followed a strategy to run (be pursued by) the Mexican army tired and stretched out and finally had his opportunity at San Jacinto.

He held a variety of high offices including twice president of the Republic of Texas and governor or two different states. 

Like the other famous Texas heroes Davy Crockett and James Bowie, Sam suffered an injury that should have killed him, and was even left to die, but held on and recovered to live a courageous life of adventure, sacrifice and heroism. 

statue impersonators

Garden just out front of the old homestead.

Nick's head just barely cleared the Woodland home breezeway ceiling. 

Lilly wanted to catch and pet that rooster.

Our plan for the study or Texas History:

We read lots of books:
Wilderness Pioneer, About Steven Fuller Austin
James Bowie
Texas Rangers
Sam Houston
Davy Crocket

John J Audobon
Jean LaFitte
Johnny Texas, fiction of early days 
Johnny Texas and the San Antonio Road
La Salle
Noah Smithwick
The Great Storm of Galveston 

Read short stories by O Henry:

Ransom of Red Chief
Gifts of the Magi

We make workbook/lap books with activities to learn about Texas Indians,
Industry, geography and state symbols. We make a time line of important events in Texas. Learn about wildflowers, snakes and other interesting Texas nature study.

We'll visit historic areas in our state for cool field trips:
Goliad mission and fort
Alamo and the Missions in San Antonio
Washington on the Brazos
San Felipe de Austin
Austin: the state Capital and Texas museum
Sam Houston museum in Huntsville
San Jacinto battlefield and battleship Texas

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