Thursday, October 3, 2013

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round button chicken

Ceci dreams of being a "hair person" when she grows up. This week she had a plan to add ringlets to her hair, and had me help with the curlers. She likes to experiment with different kinds of rollers for different looks, and never complains sleeping on those poking, plastic curlers. She inherited a knack for using hair bows from great aunts on both sides of the family; a gene that skipped me.

Next She is teaching herself to French braid her hair practicing on dolls and toy horse mains and tails.

Making Mission Rosaries for month of Holy Rosary

And the kids made sacrifice beads as taught by St Therese:
As a child, St. Therese and her sisters were taught by their mother to offer little sacrifices and inconveniences as gifts to God. They used a string with 10 beads that could be pulled across for counting these acts of love. St. Therese is known as the Little Flower and taught by example her Little Way to get to heaven as told in her autobiography A Story of a Soul.
We've made these before, and somehow get out of practice. Good way to get back into practice, make a new set.

Scrap wood dog house
Carpentry 101
Lots of scrap wood left over from recent projects around the shop, and the dogs need a dog house.

nice and roomy on the inside.
Just needs a coat of water seal on the outside to finish.

Molly is studying hard for another round of  the SAT's. I'm not preparing myself for any chance of her going "off" to college next year, just continuing the plan for her to take more classes at nearby community college. She did mention a list of colleges she'd like to apply... Okay, but we've agreed, I'm still to live in denial.
She said, "Mom, I can't go off to college; you need me too much." Very true... Sigh!

So, the "little girls" wanted me to help "play trains." And saved me from getting melancholy and a little panicky at the idea of Molly moving on too soon.

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