Friday, October 25, 2013

Counting Gifts: 1, 2, 3, ...4200 Gifts

4200 Sounds of kids doing their schoolwork: pencil scratches, whisper counts and multiplications, recitations, it fills my heart!
4199 Sacraments.
4198 Giggly girls.
4197 "You be the mommy and I'll be the baby."

4196 Hit with an energetic organizing bug (and for sweet husband and kids who know the drill).
4195 Hopeful future.
4194 Seeing my kids exercise good judgement.
4193 Banana nut muffins for Miss Betty.
4192 Getting up to make breakfast for my sweet husband; having quiet time together.
4191 Waking up to nippy Cool mornings.
4190 Molly's first whole chicken bake = delicious .
4189 Playing in the hammock with Lilly.

4188 Lilly's night terrors, my hormone induced insomnia, yappy deer obsessed dogs, I'm thankful for any sleep I can get tonight.
4187 Lil in her bedtime prayers:
  "Goodnight, Jesus, I love you.
Goodnight Mother Mary, I love you....
why do we call her Mother?" 
Great discussion with my 3 year old.
4186 Snuggling with Ceci and telling each other stories.
4185 What is important is "who" she "is", not what she does for a living.
4183 Thankful for a dream showing Ceci's blessed life, relearning my role is to nurture her sunshine and protect her innocence.
4182 A fairy craft work station.

4181 Ready science experiments.
4180 Not being as disappointed as the nurse was.
4179 An hour on the track, felt good to be anonymous.
4178 Competitive Nick on the soccer field.
4177 Playing Countdown with Ceci: math made fun.
4176 Seeing how newly clean spaces motivate and inspire the imagination.
4175 An afternoon home to clean.
4174 Lilly's industriousness and curiosity: hoping that if I don't smash it, someday it will work for good.
4173 Going back to correct a luke warm hello with a big hug and a smile.
4172 Working late until we were slap happy/ slap silly.
4171 Being an old-timer, knowing how things were originally done and why.
4170 Changing things back from "how things were always done' to the right way, and enjoying the trouble I am stirring up.
4169 Sorting fairy makings with Ceci and Molly as a surprise for Euly.
4168 Philippians 4:8
 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. 
4167 "Max is the baby of the family."
4166 RIP Bum:
"Dallas Cowboys may be America's team, but the Houston Oilers are Texas' team."
4165 A very good, long and refreshing afternoon nap.
4164 Having my parents at Mass with us.
4163 The sweetest smile from a 13 year old stranger.
4162 8 year old boy CCD student, "When do we get to pray the rosary in class?"
         Well, how about right now! :)
4161 Auntie Leila, about her family heritage: "and a spot of German because otherwise things wouldn’t get done, right?)
 Lol, true here too.
4160 God's mercy and goodness.
4159 "I didn't recognize you." - my dad to me. (In a good way).
4158 Spending time with Max at Nick's Eagle project.
4157 Health and safety of my children.
4156 My parents support for Nick's Eagle work.
4155 Cc's constant enthusiasm for anything and everything.
4154 Another novena to pray together.
4153 Prayers for good weather-answered. 
4152 Seeing Nick enjoy the fact the project is done!
4151 Reading a good book snuggled on the back porch on a cool afternoon.
4150 " I got lost so I could find my way."
4149 A book that makes me cry.
4148 A good laugh shared with the kids.
4147 A husband who knows how to fix things.
4146 Early morning crickets.
4145 Cc and the sunshine she is.
4144 Snuggle partners.
4143 Nicholas coming inside from the cold and gave me a nice long hug, 'cause I'm warm.
4142 Molly, Nick and Euly attending the new youth group...And loving it!
4141 Facing fears.
4140 Birthday greetings from big brother.
4139 1 Tim 2:15 Haydock's words 
This would perhaps be more properly rendered, from the Greek, by the bringing up of her children in faith, charity, and holiness.  This is the duty of the woman; upon the faithful discharge or neglect of which she must expect her salvation, or reprobation, to hang.  Thus repairing the evil which the first of all women brought upon man, by seducing him to evil.  
4138 Eccles7:2 
A good name is better than precious ointments: 
and the day of death than the day of one's birth.
4137 Daniel to help out with an uncomfortable situation.
4136 Lilly total mis-uses and has a misunderstanding of the phrase:
"Let me check."
And answers "nope" after a pause, yet without  moving a muscle.
4135 "Don't go to bed yet, we haven't prayed the rosary."-someone other than me.
4134 Explaining to two other moms about homeschooling- one from India and one from Sweden- you are allowed to do that? Yes, that American thing called liberty and freedom, I choose to practice it.
4133 Freedom!
4132 A day of volunteering.
4131 Showing Cc the baking soda vinegar trick...Wonder and excitement!
4130 Dd's fridge pig magnet, "nothing tastes as good as being thin feels." Can't really be true?
4129 Email from Nick:  "I love you  :D"
4128 Lilly telling me she loves me.
4127 Concentrating on the deeper meanings of the Commandments.
4126 Recalling first time I heard a rosary prayed aloud as an adult at Mary's funeral and marveling at how people knew how to take turns.
4125 Beautiful intentions to pray in group rosary novena. Comfort so many are joined in prayer.
4124 Challenging the kids to higher thoughts in topics of supply and demand and wage price spirals.
4123 Hitting my groove jogging :D
4122 Smell of camphor
4121 Brio challenges
4120 Antonín Dvořák and a clear October evening- beautiful combination.
4119 Playings Zingo with Lilly
4118 Saint Francis:
"A man is just what he is in the sight of God, and no more."
4117 Talking to the kids about politics and listening to their responses of understanding.
4116 Remembering Father Drummond on the feast of the Guardian Angels.

4115 From at Theresa novena
I love your people, Lord. Help me to love them more!
I reflect you to the world, Lord. Help me to reflect you more clearly!
I rely on you, Lord. Help me to rely on you more!
I accept your will, Lord. Help me to accept your will every day!
I try to forgive, Lord. Help me to forgive 70 times 7 times!
I am humble, Lord. Give me more humility!
I see you, Lord. Help me to see you more!
I trust you, Lord. Help me to trust you more!
I love you, Lord. Help me to love you more!
4114 Connecting Divine mercy prayers to the ancient Trisagion prayers from prayer book that jumped into my hands.
4113  "How do you like my elbows?"  -Lil
4112 Phonics beat boxing
4111 "No one knows exactly when this will occur."
4110 Meditating on Parousia, a new term for me for a thought provoking, awe inspiring concept/ event.
4109 Mt 24:27
The parousia will be unmistakable because it will be accompanied by unprecedented signs.
4108 "From creation it is marked by stages that are always ascending toward redemption, in which the divine world and the human world are united in a human being, Jesus of Nazareth. All of creation and all of history reach toward this point of convergence."

4107 Sitting at dentist for daughter for an hour on the same page.
4106 I need a taste of something sweet-  Girls made chocolate chip cookie dough. 
Perfect thing!
4105 Lil:  "You can have the honors, Cc."  (Stirring cookie dough)
4104 Watching the lightning storm safe at home.
4103 Rain after a long drought refreshing the thirsty ground
4102 Lil:  "Mom, I have a Hypothesis !!"
Thanks for the vocabulary boost Dinosaur Train.. Except I don't think she really does.
4201 Sharing pistachios with Lilly:
One for you... one for me...
Except she always ends with way more than I do.

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