Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finding the colors of fall - yellows

Third week of October, and I'm still looking for signs of fall outside and inside, whether in nature or other things in my life. The region of the country we live is mostly filled with evergreens, I miss seeing the fall wonderlands of the hills and mountains of Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee with the rich autumn colors I love best.
I found oranges and red,purples and pinks
and this week - yellows abound around here.

Day 15
Beeswax candle makings

And messy, over dipped first attempt:

Day 16

Day 17
Fields of yellow everywhere you look around here.

Day 18

Day 19
the pond at the church property

Day 20
Messy, but delicious peach sorbet chilling in the ice cream machine.

Day 21
found thriving in my garden.
untouched by the deer.

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