Friday, October 18, 2013

7QT: Mom links

1. Auntie Leila has lots of mothering experience and wrote a great article about Modesty, protecting your children and building community:
Standards and solidarity: Ten ways to give your child the gift of purity.

2. A mom in our homeschool group passed this article on the difficulties of early stages of parenthood and the need for supportive friends, who don't judge to help parents not choose measures to limit babies: the Tunnel of Parenthood

3. Thoughts from a widowed wife reflecting back on the necessity to be a good wife. "i wish i would have known."

4. I saw this over at Renaissance. Ceci watched it with me, and when it was over she gave me a huge hug and told me she loved me!

5 Great wife advice from Moxie Wife,
especially when you get the messages and judgement that it's good to leave your kids and you have to spend time with your husband away. No, it's not necessary or even prudent at times. You can spend time improving your marriage at home. Many times it's the only way. Our first weekend away didn't happen until our oldest was 16 (and grandparents came to stay), and I thought of the kids so much while we were gone.

6 My daughter saw this band recently, and shared this song with me. I love songs with ukuleles.

7 Lastly, because you need a good laugh:

Dogs  especially #4 #15

Have a great weekend!

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