Friday, October 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1 Do you have Love Being Catholic in your Facebook news feed? You should like it to have gems like this:

Gosh, is Halloween just a few weeks away!? I keep ignoring anything to do with it, despite audible hints, so their imagination is having to work harder. Below: Using a fabric book cover as face covering for whatever this scary thing is.
They've turned into Hodge Podge costume designers! Thank goodness grandma sewed so many dress up clothes over the years!
I have turned into the Volunteering Queen of Paperwork for almost every activity my kids are in. I had a flashback of the reason I felt so fulfilled when I quit/ retired from public accounting, where my career was to push impersonal papers from accounting clients to their banks or IRS. I wanted to deal more with people and not how to squeeze their tax rates and tax bills behind a stack of files and paper. 
Thank God my kids finally came along and rescued me!

But today I have found myself in three different volunteer projects where I am doing basically what I did when used to get paid to do it.
And it's much harder to quit a volunteer position than quitting a job. (No one else to take to).
I know it's needed and I have a knack with numbers and apparently paperwork, just wondering why I can't say "No!"

Running out of takes this morning- so I'll ask where did HEB find blue pumpkins?! And how could you carve these things anyway?

 I was so happy  to see our neighborhood ice cream lady the other night. We always chat while the kids eat a late evening treat. She's watched my kids grow up! She doesn't come much in the summer, starts up (twice a week!) in fall through winter. She says people don't buy ice cream from her in summer. 

I hate to admit, sometimes when I hear that strange music echoing through the neighborhood menacingly headed to my street, I make sure the kids are just doing a loud activity inside so they don't over indulge. If a three year old gets a whiff of that tune in her ear, there is no easy way to get it out.

Euly and Nick are in Confirmation class, and have been the last couple of years, waiting on a date until our parish was officially in the diocese. And now, they casually mention there is a date in January! We are scrambling over many things to get done. Making sure Catechism questions are memorized and prayers. I realized: they haven't picked their confirmation saint! 
Euly is named for a Spanish martyr Eulalia and for Blessed Mary, and Nick for St. Nicholas.
They are starting to learn more about other saints for consideration.

My confirmation saint is Saint Felicitas. I was drawn to her for her bravery and her faith and bravery of her sons', all who joyfully chose death over denying their Faith in our Lord. She had to witness their martyrdom as an effort of the Romans to shake her Faith. Didn't work, instead it just strengthened all of them.
Max chose Maximilian Kolbe, another brave martyr, who volunteered to take a condemned man's place, ministered to the dying, while being starved in Auschwitz.
Molly chose Saint Agnes, sweet Agnes!
I'd love to hear who you picked and why and if you have any favorites I should tell them?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I picked St. Barbara--but I think I chose her because she was pictured young and beautiful in the Saint book that I was using. Since then, though, she has become more important in my life. I had a significant mentor in my pre-marriage days named Barbara and I always felt there was a connection.