Thursday, September 26, 2013

Theme Thursday

We went out of town, and took my oldest out to eat. He had some time before he had to get back to campus, so we went for a night walk out on the beach and under Murdocks, a seawall-side shop hanging out over the beach.
Ghost crabs were running sideways all over the beach, all sizes out in large quantities. 
Max caught one out of its crabby sand hole.
It freaked out the girls a little, until they realized he was harmless, just a little cranky and out of his comfort zone.
My apologies: all my shots were on my phone without much light and were out of focus.
Great memories anyway.

Go check out some more over at Cari's link up party. Did I make today's theme obvious enough?


  1. How fun! The poor little ghost crab has such a crabby expression!

    1. It makes me not feel as bad disturbing him when he looked so cranky anyway, poor little 'ole dude. ;)

  2. Love the first dancing shot - looks like a great trip.

  3. Reading your post made me smile and actually really loved the shots. The expression on their faces is perfect. I always love seeing the expressions on my children's face 'mid experience' (if that makes sense!)

  4. How neat to live where you can see those creatures. The only things OUT in the evening over here are mosquitoes the size of Buicks.